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Internet heavily guarded
« on: March 01, 2012, 15:00:08 PM »

Le 1 décembre 2011 Jean Marc Manach

Internet heavily guarded

On December 1, 2011 Jean Marc Manach
In partnership with Wikileaks, OWNI reveals the existence of a massive new market interceptions, for listening to all telecommunications across a nation. Its actors sell their products in Europe, the United States and dictatorships.

Wikileaks today released nearly 1,100 internal documents, sales brochures and manuals for products sold by manufacturers of surveillance and interception of telecommunications.

These new leaks show a market for mass surveillance now representing five billion dollars, with technologies that can spy on all telephone and Internet streams across a nation. The florets of this market are called Nokia-Siemens, Qosmos, Nice, Verint, Hacking Team, or Bluecoat Amesys. Documents detailing their interception capabilities, containing a multitude of technological details, will be progressively posted by WikiLeaks.

OWNI, a partner in this operation dubbed SpyFiles with Privacy International and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, two British NGOs, and the Washington Post, The Hindu, L'Espresso, the German ARD tried to visualize this kind of an industry again, creating an interactive map on a web site, And Andy Mueller-Maguhn, former spokesman of the German Chaos Computer Club (the most influential groups of hackers in the world), also associated with this investigation and to dedicate a site, - translate "world of listening."

Arms dealer surveillance
To date, we have identified 124 of these arms dealers surveillance, using technology interception, including 32 in the U.S., 17 UK, 15 in Germany, ten in Israel, eight in France and in September Italy ... Like arms dealers "traditional", most of them are located in countries rich and democratic. 12 of the 26 countries surveyed are thus part of the European Union in the aggregate total of 62 of these companies.

87 sell tools, systems and software for monitoring the Internet, 62 monitoring of telephone, SMS 20, 23 are speech recognition, and 14 of the GPS location. Seven of them are also in the "offensive cyber-war", and therefore market Trojans, rootkits and backdoors (backdoors) to take control of computers remotely, and without the knowledge of their users. These systems are unique spies compared to those used by hackers they would not be spotted by the "majority" of antivirus and other security solutions.

In our democracies, marketing, and use of these systems of surveillance and interception of telecommunications is strictly regulated. But nothing prevents, however, sell them to countries that are less fussy, and even including dictatorships: although designed for espionage, they are not part of these weapons whose export is framed by national laws, European or international. So it is perhaps not moral, but completely legal in the state.

And arms dealers are hard to exploit this loophole, as recently recognized Jerry Lucas, the organizer of ISS1, the international exhibition that brings together every two or three months professionals interception of communications:

Surveillance systems that we discuss in our lectures are available worldwide. Some countries do they use them to suppress political statements? Yes, probably. But it's not my job to sort out the good and bad countries. It's not our business, we are not politicians.

Our business is to connect those who want to buy these technologies with those who sell them. Well you can sell cars for Libyan rebels, and these cars are used as weapons. General Motors and Nissan should they ask how their vehicles will be used? Why do not you go and also query the car salesmen? This is an open market. You can not stop the flow monitoring equipment.

Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Klaus Mochalski, co-founder of Ipoque, a leader in this sector, in turn responded that "it is a dilemma, moral and ethics, which we are constantly faced: it is like a knife. You can use it to slice vegetables, but you can also kill your neighbor "... except that these tools are not freely available in any store, and the companies that sell them are not doing promotion at trade fairs or markets in the area, but only in salons gathering arms dealers, and customers the power to buy.

Silence radio
ISS and banned journalists from attending his lectures, and even to enter his room. And it was amazing to see, to visit the many stalls specializing in surveillance technologies present the recent Milipol, held in Paris last October, representatives of these were much more cautious than the merchants of Traditional weapons in terms of answering questions from journalists ...

Contacted by OWNI, Amesys, the French company that sold a massive interception of Internet Gaddafi's Libya, and discards from his "client":

Amesys is an industrial equipment manufacturer. The use of equipment sold (sic) is provided exclusively by customers.

Conversely, Thibaut Bechetoille, CEO of Qosmos, another French company, much like Ipoque, outfitted the same Big Brother Libyan team and also the one used currently by the Syrians, has pitifully explained to agency Bloomberg that its board had indeed decided to cease its activities in Syria, but that it was "technically and contractually" complicated ...

To date, four other Western companies were identified as providers of "big ears" Syria: Area, an Italian company that has sent in emergency teams to help the Syrian intelligence services to identify (e ) dissidents, Utimaco, a German subsidiary of the British publisher of Sophos Anti-Virus - who was not aware qu'Area used these systems to Syria - German Nokia Siemens, whose equipment for monitoring the Internet would been sent to Syria by its neighbor Iran, and Bluecoat, an American company which site devoted numerous articles.

We knew for some years, these weapons were used surveillance in China and Iran in particular, but it was not until the Arab Spring, and traces or evidence left by these merchants surveillance (mainly Western) in Tunisia, Egypt , Libya, Bahrain and Syria, to take the full measure.

Almost all of these arms dealers surveillance certainly boast to work on "lawful interception" (lawful interception in French) and boast of working with ministries of defense, interior or services intelligence. The German Elaman him, will write up in black and white, it also identifies the "political opponents":

In telecommunications, the concept of "data retention" generally involves the storage of information (numbers, date, time, position, etc..) On telephone or Internet traffic. The stored data is typically transmitted or received phone calls, emails sent and received, websites visited and location data.

The primary objective of data retention is traffic analysis and mass surveillance. By analyzing the data, governments can identify the position of an individual, his relationships and group members, such as political opponents.

Originally developed to allow intelligence services to spy illegally, these systems, tools, software and other "gadgets" designed to listen, watch, spy, or geotag traçabiliser someone "without the knowledge of his own accord "have now become a real market. Interviewed by the WSJ, Jerry Lucas, the organizer of ISS, explained that, out of almost zero in 2001, today it is close to $ 5 billion in revenue per year.

The Spy Files are published by Wikileaks to this address.


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Re: Internet heavily guarded
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2012, 20:08:53 PM »
 :o Unbelievable eh, Coco444!?...  And this press release last December barely registered a blip on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) or any other Canadian mainstream media, even though in Canada (with a relatively small population of 36 million) we have 3 companies (according to Wikileaks Spy Files map) profiting from marketing surveillance technologies.

However, I'm not sure I believe this sweeping statement from the article:
"In our democracies, marketing, and use of these systems of surveillance and interception of telecommunications is strictly regulated"

First of all, show me the "democracies", then let me read the legislated regulations, and lastly please provide proof that the regulations are being enforced & upheld, before making that kind of confident assertion.

Thanks for posting this article (and translating if that was you! )
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Re: Internet heavily guarded
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2012, 13:59:30 PM »
Hey there Annar_chy; yes, in that case one need to re-publish again to get the impact if it hasn't the first time, the second time around might hit a little stronger; at times people are "sleeping" if not always..

I agree with you about regulation. ahah, that sounds about right; since Democracy to start with has been altered with other "juicy" concoctions, let's start by establishing this first of all, well said! great you had the translation too.
take care.
Simplicity, Truth and Purity-
Nothing in the "hologram" is real, including Governments, Institutions and the likes; it's all a creation of Consciousness and an Illusion; it can therefore be molded according to the Intentions of your expanded self. R. Schienfield

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