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Well i got angry and had to write a letter
« on: July 29, 2011, 17:16:03 PM »
letter to Kevin Rudd

To the Australian Foreign Office



Dear Kevin Rudd,

I am writing to you today because I fear for the safety of an Australian citizen.  He is being held under no charge having had no evidence laid before him, tagged like a criminal, under house arrest with a bond in excess of $350,000 au and the threat of extradition and possible assassination or even false imprisonment and execution lying before him.


No statements have been made by our government to express horror at this state of affairs, no, quite the reverse. He has been charged in public by our prime minster with a criminal act and abandoned to a system that allows extradition on these terms with just the offer of consular help from our government.


I would like to add my voice and the voice of many of my friends and people that I know to that of  the leader of the Greens Bob Brown ,when he said that more needed to be done to materially assist Mr Assange.


"What we need from the Foreign Minister or the Attorney-General is very clear evidence that the Australian government is materially assisting to ensure that Assange’s legal rights are met and that everything’s done to ensure that he is not fitted out with a process to have him extradited to Sweden and then to the US.”

Please help to bring home this son of Australia for whom we should all feel proud.



With his court case scheduled for this july  12/13,I will hope for a speedy reply            


Yours Guy Charles Patten




So i take the letter in to my federal Liberal  MP for casey Tony Smith , well i figured that the government who are labour/greens couldn`t lose it then  and i`m told it will go to Canbera the next day , cool .

Last week i get a call from his lovely and very helpful assistant, asking me if i would like to talk to Tony , great i think assuming all types of possibilities .I turn up at the allotted time and a beaming Tony greets me with a firm manly handshake yes we sent that letter of for you ,but we havn`t heard anything back from them yet , ah well i said i expected as much i said , not that i agree with Wikileaks or Julian Assange , he said , oh i said ,   no , dangerous and very irresponsible what he`s doing i don`t agree at all ,he said ,,,after a brief discussion about whether JA was under charges ,the EAW and his grudging admittance that JA did actually deserve consular help even though he personally really didn`t like the guy ,i couldn`t take it any more and had to break ranks by moving the discussion onto Thorium , before i had charges laid on me ,amazingly enough he was even more ignorant on this subject , who would of known.

By the time my time was up Tony scuttled eagerly through the door and away from me .
 shaking with frustration and anger i took to my car and home.

Thought for the day , i still have never met a polly that i like ,  let alone that pompous s##t .

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Re: Well i got angry and had to write a letter
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2011, 18:54:28 PM »
Your letters made me misty-eyed and I'm not even Australian! Bravo!

But seriously, Gillard sounds like America's bitch. Giver her a few years and y'all will be the 51st state.
We are the Universe learning about itself.

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Re: Well i got angry and had to write a letter
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2011, 08:35:35 AM »
I asked my local federal member Kate Ellis re JA and WL earlier in the year and her comments were almost exactly the same as these... It makes me suspect that a majority of the politicians in Aust have been brainwashed into regurgitating the exact same reply every time they comment on the issue... Very. Very. Frustrating.

Although seeings as one of the other politicians that were at the street corner meeting I was at, declared his support for Internet filtering to stop pedophiles - and was then arrested a couple of weeks later for accessing kiddie porn, I suspect they are all full of excrement.
There is a certain dramatic irony attached to all this. A synchronicity that borders on predestination, one might say.

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Re: Well i got angry and had to write a letter
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2011, 17:42:30 PM »
rereading this makes me wonder if they even sent the original letter ?

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Re: Well i got angry and had to write a letter
« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2012, 10:05:23 AM »
24th January 2012

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP
Minister for Foreign Affairs Canberra
PO Box 6022
Parliament House
ACT 2600

Dear Mr Rudd/Green,

With reference to your response to the letter from the Hon Tony Smith MP on behalf of Mr Guy Patten of Mt Evelyn dated 11th July 2011; I initially delayed responding to your letter, with a sense of what’s the point. However, on reflection, I realise that this needs to be reraised and that a better response is required.

In particular, your “I assume intended to be humorous” comment regarding Mr Assange’s privacy has no bearing on the letter I sent you, at no point did I ask for any personal, consular or legal information regarding Mr Assange or his case.

With regards to Mr Assange’s current status, I would like to draw your attention to 15 overlooked facts from the Assange case:

1.   Julian Assange is not charged with anything in Sweden or any other country
2.   Julian Assange did not flee Sweden to avoid questioning. He was given permission to leave the country on 15th September 2010 after remaining 5 weeks in Sweden for the purpose of answering the allegations made against him
3.   The case against Julian Assange was initially dropped and deemed so weak it could not warrant investigation. After the intervention of a Swedish politician close to American diplomats, it was revived by a different prosecutor.
4.   In all instances, the two plaintiffs consented to sexual intercourse, which they did not take the initiative to stop; they never expressed non-consent and afterwards declared to not have felt threatened by Julian Assange
5.   A condom submitted as evidence by one of the two complainants, who claimed it had been deliberately torn by Julian Assange during sexual intercourse, contains no chromomosomal DNA from either the complainant or Mr assange
6.   Text messages exchanged between complainants and their friends contradict the factual allegations in the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) issued for Julian Assange and cast doubt on the allegations.
7.   After the date of the alleged sexual misconduct a) complainant AA created then deleted evidence (tweets) indicating she was enjoying Julian Assange’s company b) AA went as far as suggesting one of her friends (witness C) should be intimate with Mr Assange as well.
8.   The law firm hired in the Assange investigation is run by Claes Borgstrom (politician and legal representative for both plaintiffs) and by former minister Thomas Bodstrom. Both are members of the Social Democrat Party in Sweden. Bodstrom is a friend of police interrogator name Irmeli Krans who interrogated complainant SW.
9.   Police interrogator Irmeli Krans is, in turn, friends with the other plaintiff, complainant AA with whom she has political ties (Social Democratic Party).
10.   Krans also breeched protocol by commenting negatively about Julian Assange on social media.
Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny refused to provide Julian Assange or his lawyers with information on the allegations against him in writing. This violates the Swedish code of procedure (RB 23:18) and the European convention of human rights (article 5) and the EU Fundamental Charter on Human Rights.
Prosecution also refused all voluntary offers for co-operation that fit under mutual legal assistance protocol, such as making use of alternative methods to interview Julian Assange.
11.   Both the EAW and the Interpol red notice were issued for Mr Assange by Sweden just before Wikileaks began to publish Cablegate.
12.   The allegations  against Mr Assange do not constitute an offence in Australia or in the UK.
13.   If extradited to Sweden still without charge, Julian Assange would be held incommunicado and placed under solitary confinement. Pre-trial detention would last for an indefinite period. Trial in Sweden would be held in secret.
14.   The Swedish legal system features lay judges who are appointed because of their political affiliations. They have no formal legal training.
15.   Sweden has the highest per capita rate of cases brought to the European Court of Human Rights relating to Article 6.1 (right to a fair trial).

All this information is in the public arena .

In closing , I would like to ask , what exactly is Australia’s stance on one of its citizens being held for more than 400 days  under no charge under an EAW European Arrest Warrant , for the purpose of extradition for questioning in a second country , despite the fact that EAW’s were not created for this purpose at all .
I understand the embarrassment of the Australian government as a result of the rightful release of information from Wikileaks , but am horrified at the petulant nature of my governments response .

Yours Sincerely

Guy Charles Patten

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Re: Well i got angry and had to write a letter
« Reply #5 on: February 02, 2012, 15:56:56 PM »

I am new here, and am intrigued by your post.  Have you any links to show these 15 items on your list?  I would like to research them a little further.


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Re: Well i got angry and had to write a letter
« Reply #6 on: February 28, 2012, 14:21:02 PM »
Lanfear , i had a look around , but i cant remember where i found it  ,,,,sorry .