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News from the openleaks project
« on: February 09, 2013, 16:46:24 PM »
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We want to give you a heads-up on the OpenLeaks project! 

Our policy has always been, and still is, to keep pretty quiet and just do our work.  This is obviously not good from a public-relations standpoint, but you will agree that it is much more important to do things than to talk about it.

Still, one result is that we hear a lot of people think our project does not exist, or never even heard of it, or have heard of it but what they heard were all kinds of vague but definitely evil rumours.

So, contrary to rumours of our demise, our project is still alive, and the (admittedly ambitious) goal is to come up with authoritative best practices for distributed leaking systems, handling leaked digital documents (single pages to multi-gigabyte dumps), and, generally, everything to do with digital whistleblowing; not just at the level of theory or guidelines but actually build them in practice.

Just to quash one misconception, OpenLeaks is not a competitor to or replacement for WikiLeaks; it is a complementary/parallel project that focuses on "meta" issues that are outside the scope of any single leaking platform.  OpenLeaks does not itself accept or leak any documents, rather we help others do so.  We fully support the stated goals of WikiLeaks, and also demand justice for Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and others.  Nobody should be persecuted for alleged or real involvement in whistleblowing.

Speaking of online leaking platforms, by now we see dozens of them created by everyone from huge media empires to small independent organizations and watchdogs, as well as by decentralized operators like Anonymous and what have you.  This is exactly what we wanted to see happen.  Just remember that even one source getting burned because
of a broken leaking platform is completely unacceptable, and the effects of such a case on whistleblowing in general would be devastating.  Setting up a leaking platform correctly is not at all an easy thing.

Where are we now?  Our project exists not to make ourselves feel good but to solve actual problems.  As long as whistleblowers are being persecuted (and we will spare you the current long list but they are), we have not done our job.  Doing it properly requires collaboration with and feedback from others.  We would like to invite academic researchers, people running leaking platforms, people who want to set up a leaking platform, journalists, activists, lawyers, people with ideas or questions, etc., whether we have already worked together or
not, to contact us.  In the very short term, we want to publish some technical information and run the announced workshops.

For people who want to support our project, as stated on our blog OpenLeaks is an independent project run entirely by volunteers.  Some people were kind enough to privately contribute a little bit which goes toward our hosting, hardware, etc.; of course this is always appreciated (and, whether we like it or not, does have a direct effect on how fast we can develop).  The web page describing ways in which you can support OpenLeaks is currently down for revision, so please contact us if you want to help us out (if you do not like to be tracked, anonymous donations are possible eg via bitcoin, paysafecard, ukash, webmoney)

Contact information: please contact us through our official e-mail address; both it and our GPG public key are listed at

Admin edit: I corrected a typo in the title with permission of the author of this post.
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Re: News from from the openleaks project
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2013, 18:17:55 PM »
Hi there, you are super welcome.

Leaks can help rising awareness and yes so true: another ... Whatever other good leaks platform shouldn't be seen as a "competition vs wikileaks" just like another helpful contribute spreading knowledge.

The "Other leaking platforms" board has indeed been opened for this aim: to allow people discussing and posting also about leaking projects that aren't wikileaks only.

And of course it's not the "quantity" but the "quality" of the things done producing good results, so it doesn't matter how quickly one develops, but that things are done positive constructive way.

Feel free of posting leaks and news in the boards, partecipating to discussions, sharing ideas with the other members.
In case of need mods and admins are here to help.

I hope you'll enjoy the forum.


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Re: News from from the openleaks project
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2013, 00:11:17 AM »
Hi and welcome to the wikileaks discussion forum :)

it´s a great pleasure for me to have you guys on board.

I hope you all enjoy the forum and can promote your project as best you can do with this forum.

so, keep on rocking guys  8)