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Gas Cypriot deposits, the unknown War
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The confidential records of the Global Intelligence Files

Gas Cypriot deposits, the unknown War

"Ta Nea" in collaboration with Wikileaks published exclusively for Greece confidential information contained in the electronic correspondence of Stratfor, the private American intelligence declared the 'shadow CIA'

Reportage Natasha Bastia
Thursday 01 March 2012

The search for oil and gas in South Mediterranean and the large deposits that are located in Greece and Cyprus, and how it will affect the situation in these countries, particularly preoccupied in recent months researchers of Stratfor.

"The Turks are out of control" is the title of an internal memo sent by the head of Stratfor George Friedman on September 16, 2011 at an analyst who had presented a report on the developments concerning investigations of the company Noble Energy for oil in Cyprus territorial waters. " Noble energy is trying to drill in Greek Cyprus waters, and Turkey is raising hell over it." the analyst wrote. " Basically, because they can since Greece is a mess right now anyway. The move to deploy frigates seems to be part of this."

Here is an interesting example of how the information is collected: " I was just talking to David (the bf), whose best friend's dad is the head of Noble Energy. They were all having dinner in houston and the dad was talking about how the Turks are creating a nightmare for them with this whole warships thing. David was telling him about what I do, and how we do a lot of work with Turkey, and the dad wants to talk to me about this. Might turn into a business opportunity, you never know. But this family has houses all over the world, the dad speaks 10 languages, living in Cyprus right now, used to be in Quito and before that, Vietnam, has all kinds of crazy connections and crazy dealings with shady people. I might be able to learn some interesting things from him. And maybe we could help them understand what the Turks are actually going to do… "

Analysts say that, since it is September the company has not yet announced its estimates of the size of the deposit but it is estimated to be equal to the large deposit found in similar surveys of Israelis. They observe that the Cypriot foreign minister sought political support from Israel. " They keep saying that Israel supports them, but I really doubt that Israel would get involved in this controversy for Greek Cyprus while it is having its a) own offshore reserves dispute with Lebanon b) troubles with Turkey. Greece is mostly quiet, for a good reason. Athens gives support to Cyprus, though only rhetorical. I also have not seen any important statement from the EU. Greek Cyprus says it will block energy chapter of Turkey/EU membership negotiations. Greek Cyprus has already blocked eight chapters anyway and membership talks are in coma. So, this threat does not mean anything for Turkey."

The analysts report on an open investigation by the Turkish Petroleum Company (TPAO). " I am not sure ifTPAO is able to do that on its own," one analyst believes that the most important "tool" of Ankara is Turkey’s decision to put military options on the table to be used in eastern Med, seemingly against Israel.

Greece in the "dollar bloc" because of oil

The chance to join Greece "in the dollar bloc" in the exploitation of natural resources, stated in an internal memo of Stratfor's November 4, 2011, of which the author observes that "Perhaps Greece becoming part of the dollar bloc is the bigger game being played out behind the scenes. " The prediction is combined with large deposits of hydrocarbons found to exit in our country. The source of this information was described as "a well connected financial source" and has the highest degree of reliability (A).

The e-mail note, describes George Papandreou's intention to resign to form a unity government. It refers extensively to "Greece has the potential to become a large producer of oil and natural gas following the hydrocarbon discoveries in the region." Especially emphasized the existence of "potentially huge deposits south of Crete, such assessments have been confirmed from unpublished geophysical data." But most impressive is the end of the text. "In the event that Greece did become a significant natural gas / oil producer, the country would prefer to be in the dollar bloc than in the Euro one. We understand that Papandreou has been flirting with the U.S.A, "added without specifying if the reported inclusion in the" dollar zone "will relate only to future oil exports. The author notes that "[Greece] becoming a member of the dollar bloc would fit the new geopolitical scenario being structured in the State Department in Washington."

E-mails concerning investigations of Noble Energy for oil in the territorial waters of Cyprus and the possible large deposits of Greece (with serial number 123320 and 401468 and related to the exploitation and exploration of Greek membership in the "dollar bloc" (with serial number 170561 are in their original form to / gfiles  will be published at 20.00 tonight.