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Not deterred by vilifying attacks
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not deterred by vilifying attacks

The Struggle for the Cause Of Justice For JulianAssange continues unabated

Statement, by Marcello Ferrada de Noli

Can a man that adores women be called misogynist?

A man that worships the elegant dance of women as much he does respect their intellect?

That for years after years has brought his woman breakfast and newspapers to her bed?

And still does all the household shopping?

And still cooks happily, the 100 per cent of all the meals, day after day?

And opens gladly the door for any lady irrespective of class, ethnicity or age?

And, has been told recently, feminist colleagues which I respect have commented an article published in Sociologic Research 2004 [1] in which he denounced thatthe stress-related health-problems many women active in the labour marketascribed to burnout - or doctors wrongly to psychopathology – have instead todo with the unfair distribution of domestic labour; that said, while many men get pause and rest at home after the work, most women have to start to work a new as soon getting home?

"MarcelloFerrada-Noli, health professor and researcher at the Karolinska Institute, says that the spread burnout is possibly a myth: 'Other things outside the job make us (also) tired and exhausted' " Expressen, 21/10-00 (Photo Lars Nyberg -Expressen)

And when Expressen asked Mona Sahlin, the former leader of the Social democratic Party and long-time minister at Göran Persson’s government, on her opinion specifically about my thesis above (first published in DN)[2] she said I was “degrading” Swedish women by reducing their (stress) problems to uneven distribution of domestic work, [3] and thus I would be denying the “progress” of Swedish women’s emancipation”!? (Which is another myth. For State “feminists”care less for the rights of women at large than what they do for their personal positions of privilege achieved misusing women’s struggle). 

Can be accepted that a man that has put forward gender equality in his concrete initiatives,actions and behaviours, be called misogynist by crazy or criminal trolls(slander is a criminal offence in Sweden), and also by hypocrite clowns,  self-deckared "feminist" men that in concrete have done nothing for that egalitarian struggle?

What have those fake Twitters voices inconcrete done themselves to liquidate the unfair underrepresentation of women both in positions and salaries in the Swedish academia and elsewhere – a theme one is now agitating in Twitter on the backdrop of the active misinformation campaign about Assange and supporters’ stance on State “feminism”?

(Some concrete activities by the Professorsblog’s publisher for gender-equal salaries at the Swedish universities told here)

Who are these foreign agents in the media, social media or academia, knowing practically nothing about Sweden and the actual supremacist-gender perspective ruling politics respective sex-offence legislation, idem courts, etc. while the real women’s social emancipation issues are left behind by the same rulers these fanatic-“feminist” posers?

I have been slanderously accused of hating Sweden while in fact, I love Sweden, THAT IS WHY I have criticized a number of politicians or their journalists coryphées that really have injured Sweden’s international name - while unfairly and maliciously put the blame on Julian Assange; I have been slanderously accused of hating the US while in fact I am with proud a Harvard alumni, I have said in these columns loving the Thomas Jefferson’s democratic spirit and expressed my praise for the US Constitution and for the people which have respected that libertarian tradition -- although I oppose NATO imperialistic wars and occupations or exploitations of poor countries waged by their leaders and supported by some vassal politicians in Sweden. In fact, a similar respect for the old American Constitution was expressed by Julian Assange in the notable CBS 60' interview with Steve Kroft

I have been slanderously accused of hating women, while in fact my entirely life I’ve loved women; And slanderously accused of “favouring the honour-killing of Muslim youngsters” and even a “honour-killer supporter”, while in fact I have denounced the cultural-racist campaign against Muslims – women and men - in Sweden whileadvocating Human Rights for All, gender equality for all. [4]

Lie after lie, insult after insult. These immoral intellectual gnomes have used Internet’s free pass for their grotesque attacks on me and any who dare criticize "official" Sweden’s miserable handling of the Julian Assange case.

Why this “sudden” verbal engagement for Sweden’s women rights by the exactly the same Fifth-Column mercenaries that have previously tried discrediting Assange and WikiLeaks with their hidden, cowardly participation in the political/media campaigns we have denounced?

I am getting really sick-and-tired to hear about this entire “misogynist” litany by this bunch of offensive/criminal trolls in their ultimate aim to discredit Julian Assange. Getting fed-up with their lying, fabricating, slandering andmisrepresenting the positions of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and the public supporters these “critics” have picked-on.

And it might turn out that, in their attacks, they have picked on the wrong man. For Iam not the type like these gusanos that reply by playing the victim, while seeking shelter under their keyboards: A common tactic these trolls have used every time they are challenged for their lies and disinformation. These trolls try to wear Assange supporters down with their insults and their disinformation. What I will do is continue to stand up and tell the truth. To the bitter end.

Words that count

Yet, inspite of everything said above, the one and only thing that for me matters regardingthis issue is what I was told yesterday 16 of June 2012 by my own beloved daughter (Swedish author and feminist, nominated to best Swedish debut author 2010), while sitting outside a cottage in wonderful Southern Sweden, having tea and scones and talking about solutions for planet Earth, “Father, I know you are a feminist”!


[1] Ferrada-Noli M., “Theemperor’s burnout clothes” [Kjesarensutbrända kläder] Sociologisk Forskning, Vol 2004, Nr 1
[2] Dagens Nyheter, “HealthProfessor on sick-leaves: Burnout mainly a fashion-trend” [Hälsoprofessor om sjukskrivningar:Utbrändhet mest en modetrend]. DN-debatt 10 Oct 2000
[3] Expressen, 21 Oct 2000
[4] Birge T. OnProf. Ferrada de Noli's Honour-Killings, Professors Blogg, 22 March 2012

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