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Bradley Manning: Truth on Trial

Where: Georgetown University Law Center

Sept 30th 2012 Time: 5:00-7:30

On September 30, some of the most prominent whistle-blowers and civil liberties advocates of our time will gather to speak out for a fellow truth-teller that the military is trying to cage for life. Author and reporter Chris Hedges, who’s suing the Obama Administration for the unconstitutional NDAA, will discuss how Manning’s case will affect our civil liberties to come. NSA whistle-blower Thomas Drake will recount his experience being prosecuted for exposing illegal wiretapping, and he’ll compare Manning’s case with his own. Jesselyn Radack, Department of Justice whistle-blower and advocate and lawyer for those who expose crime and corruption, will expound on just how vital whistle-blowers are and why we need to protect Bradley Manning. Retired Colonel Ann Wright will recount her efforts bringing awareness to Manning’s case and explain what needs to be done in the months to come. Finally, friend of Manning and co-founder of the Support Network David House will detail the financial struggles of the Network and the importance of standing up for Bradley now.

Bradley is approaching 900 days in prison without a court martial, and he shouldn’t be on trial in the first place. Bradley had the courage to potentially sacrifice his future for an informed citizenry, and we owe it to him to support him today. Join us September 30 for a tribute to the truth, and those who work tirelessly to expose it.

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