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[alpha] INSIGHT_-_TURKEY/SYRIA_-_Turkey_voices_support
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SOURCE DESCRIPTION: Advisor to the Turkish President Abdullah Gul

[Source is the guy who gave the interview below. I had talked with him
couple of times before.]

Source says the Turkish government is getting increasingly concerned about
the lack of reform process in Syria. It's true that Turkey holds talks
with Syrian opponents. Source does not deny that those opponents include
Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. He also did not deny whether the Syrian MB
conference will be held in Turkey and said he did not know.

Turkey is well aware that the Syrian regime is very unhappy with Turkey's
efforts to reach out to Syrian opponents. Some Syrians even asked the
source how Turkey would feel if Syria organized a PKK conference in
Damascus. Source says Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and PKK are not the same,
even though Syrian regime says MB is a terrorist organization. Turkey
tells Syrians that they wonder why Syrians do not react in the same way
when Syrian opponents meet with Europeans. After all, Turkey is Syria's
friend and tries to find a solution via non-violent means.

As an answer to my question whether the fact that Turkey continues its
contacts with Syrian MB despite Assad regime's reaction means Turkey
thinks Assad is not legitimate anymore, source said this is not the case
and Syrian regime can still survive, but Turkey thinks there is a need to
maintain dialogue with the opposition.

Some very straightforward words from Turkey. Also note the bit about the
MB operating in Istanbul. Original not in english[nick]

Turkey voices support for Syrian people's demands

May 25, 2011

Turkish President Abdullah Gu:l's advisor, Ersat Hurmuzlu, said in an
interview published on Wednesday that his country supports the demands of
the Syrian people.

"It was also natural that we [advise] the Syrian regime to listen to
[their] people's demands," he told Al-Akhbar newspaper.

"The Turkish leadership told its Syrian counterpart more than once that it
does not back any regime, but is always with the people [of a country],"
Hurmuzlu added.

"This is what we told [Syrian] President Bashar al-Assad's [regime], and
we will be convinced if the people accept the reforms that the authorities
pledged to make."

Hurmuzlu responded to Syrian accusations that Turkey is harboring the
Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, saying that Turkey-as a democratic country-is
obliged to allow any party to meet freely.

He also denied accusations that Ankara is collaborating with the US to
install the Muslim Brotherhood as the rulers of Syria.

More than 1000 people have been killed and thousands have been arrested
since the pro-democracy protests began in Syria mid-March, rights groups
have said.

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