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تنشغل حماس هذه الأيام في محاولات حل ورطات وازمات دبلوماسية وقعت فيها مع مصر ولبنان وذلك بعد انكشاف امر استخدام عناصرها لجوازات سفر مزورة.
لقد اندلعت ازمة الحركة الاخيرة في لبنان اثر انكشاف امر استخدام عناصرها لاوراق دبلوماسية مزورة على ارض لبنان مما ادى الى اندلاع ازمة عميقة مع السلطات الامنية اللبنانية وحزب الله بل نتج عنه تجميد تاشيرات الدخول الخاصة بعناصر الحركة للبنان. هذا وقد سارع قادة حماس خلال الايام الاخيرة الى عقد لقاءات واجتماعات عاجلة مع المسؤولين اللبنانيين سعيا منهم الى فض القضية وتهدئة الاوضاع.
هذا وقد تزامن الامر مع كشف السلطات المصرية مؤخرا عن امر استخدام عناصر حماس وعلى نطاق واسع لبطاقات هوية مصرية مزورة حيث اعتبرت جهات مسؤولة في مصر هذا النشاط بمثابة خطر على الامن القومي المصري بل صفعة في وجه السلطات المصرية الاخوانية المناصرة لحماس والداعمة لها.
وهناك قلق حقيقي يسود حاليا اوساط حماس مما قد تتخذه الهيئات الرسمية المصرية من اجراءات عقابية تتمثل بوضع المزيد من العراقيل والعقبات امام دخول عناصر حماس وسكان قطاع غزة بشكل عام الى الساحة المصرية فضلا عن التضييق على عناصر الحركة في غيرها من الدول

English Transcript written by
Steven Press
[email protected]

Hamas has been discovered to use fake travel documents and passports for its activities in Lebanon and Egypt

Hamas has been busy trying to resolve diplomatic crises with Lebanon and Egypt following the discovery of the use of fake passports by Hamas activists.
The crisis in Lebanon came after Hamas activists were discovered using fake diplomatic documents on Lebanese soil. The discovery brought about an acute crisis with Lebanese security authorities and Hizballah, causing freeze of entry permits for Hamas activists in Lebanon.
Hamas leaders have been recently engaged in urgent meetings with Lebanese authorities to settle the crisis. At the same time, Egyptian authorities had recently discovered a wide use of fake Egyptian ID cards by Hamas activists. Such activity poses a risk to Egypt’s security and a slap in the face for pro-Hamas MB governed-Egyptian authorities.

Hamas is deeply concerned by potential difficulties created by Egyptian authorities that will obstruct Hamas activists and Gazans from entering into Egypt, and restrict Hamas activists in other countries.

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Hi thanks for the updates.
My translators reports it in English, but the translation programs aren't good at all.
It's interesting news.
Can we have it posted in English too, please?
Shoukran, Thank you.
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Now I get it! Wow interesting news! Keep posting^^

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no problem
i have more interesting news and scoops from the middle east. if u want i can publish in this forum or in other places if u want.
tell me if u prepare the reports in English or Arabic (my sources wrote  in Arabic but we can publish)


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Here is a second Translation of Steves post in Arabic, sent in from Twitter user:

"Hamas is busy these days in attempts to resolve dilemmas and diplomatic crises took place with Egypt and Lebanon after exposure is the use of elements of false passports.
The last movement has sparked a crisis in Lebanon following the exposure is using its diplomatic papers forged on the territory of Lebanon, which led to a deep crisis with Lebanese authorities and Hezbollah but resulted in a freeze on visas for members of the Lebanon. This has accelerated the Hamas leaders in recent days to hold urgent meetings and meetings with Lebanese officials in an effort to resolve the issue and calm the situation.
This coincided with the Egyptian authorities recently revealed was using Hamas and widely forged Egyptian identification card so irresponsible in Egypt considered this activity as a threat to Egyptian national security but a slap in the face of the Egyptian authorities alakhwanih for Hamas and supporting them.
There is a real concern now prevails among Hamas, the Egyptian official bodies might take from punitive actions are putting more obstacles and barriers to the entry of Hamas and the Gaza Strip to the Egyptian Theatre as well as restrictions on movement in other States."