Author Topic: SWEDEN a competent study on Sweden leading in war ,weapons and global corruption  (Read 1596 times)

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MUST READ regarding Sweden - sorry for not finding this earlier

read a serious study the corrupted country-affairs institution Sweden as it actually is
,no wonder they want to pass Assange through this territory of global corruption and manipulation.
NOTICE; this study is from 2007 ,and it would be great to have it updated.
if such interest and resource-fulness would not be found here at this forum
- then please advice where to find such engagement and human abilities.

A Study of Swedish War Materiel Export
the Paradox between Rhetoric, Law, and Practice of the
Swedish Government


this study starts like this;
"Trade and Export Industry has, since the export scandals of the
1980s, been seen by most as a respectable activity that  promotes peace, regulated by a
number of strict new laws and policies enforced by  the Government. 
But something has happened with Swedish war trade over the past few years. The Swedish War Materiel
Industry is flourishing and expanding every year."

the situation is much worse than the depicted world reality tend to allow our minds to accept
 ,please take this to mind, heart and some serious digging and reporting.
also remember that somewhere it can only be individual humans behind it all ,no other excuse is possible.
why not find them too?

also notice that during the 1900-2000 smallpox was the biggest killer of our family members.
smallpox was basically eradicated by 1977 and its 300 million victims do no longer lead our family
 to death while the second largest killer that is arms and weapons which killed about 211 million
family members is growing vastly as what have to be concluded the since over three decades largest
killer of us all.

PLEASE READ this report and help making the reality as it actually is
, to become a more crisp and genuine picture to have in the making of our own minds

ALSO , if interested in engagement in efforts against our today largest and fastest growing killer of us and our family
- let me know and we make some more know and how together.

/more to come ,because we are humans - the whole family