Author Topic: The Wikileaks Forums old Twitter background image "Arab Spring"  (Read 2407 times)

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Every now again we see false statements being circulated via the social networks, some we ignore, some we react to but watching the Greek Miss Marple aka @greekemmy redefine the word "Faux Pas" leaves us with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Its seems Emily has put her wrong foot forward again when she made this statement

This statement couldn't be further from the truth and the result of what happens when people don't do their homework and fail to get involved in proper research.

The "Arab Spring" background was created by an artist and presented to the forum during the height of the Arab Spring. Here is the original mail.

Rather than  the forum  explaining why the background image was removed,  we are publishing the original email from the artist who created the images which will explain the reason why we took it down.

So we are not sorry for destroying @greekemmy's conspiracy theories surrounding the removal of the background image but we enjoy proving her wrong anyway ;-)