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Re: Wikileaks Fundraising idea's
« Reply #15 on: October 10, 2011, 16:19:59 PM »
Distribute a "FREE" wikileaks magazine and make income from the advertising.

Host WikiLeak events. WikiLeaks Weekend parties. or Wikileaks fundraising concerts with upcoming artists.

WikiLeaks phone covers :D. etc etc

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Re: Wikileaks Fundraising idea's
« Reply #16 on: October 10, 2011, 22:14:08 PM »
Music compilations dedicated to WikiLeaks with art inserts.  People can buy single tracks or digital albums or they can order a CD with cool art, etc.

I would definitely recommend records as well.... ("You're girlfriend prefers 12 inches")  :P

I've written several songs for this cause....  I would love to collaborate with someone here....

I'd also love to find other musicians that would like to participate...

Lets see how many bands would get on board

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Re: Wikileaks Fundraising idea's
« Reply #17 on: October 20, 2011, 13:51:51 PM »
Have you tried WePay


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Re: Wikileaks Fundraising idea's
« Reply #18 on: October 20, 2011, 15:14:37 PM »
thanx lizrex...its being looked into

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Re: Wikileaks Fundraising idea's
« Reply #19 on: October 28, 2011, 19:05:18 PM »
Has anyone tried raising funds by carrot- mobbing yet? Like getting folks to organize Wikileaks related events in their hometowns, for instance a "Wikileaks after- work- party", a "Wikileaks dinner", whatever. Of course, they have to negotiate a portion of the income resulting from the event with the landlord of the location (pub, restaurant, etc.). And that portion goes to Wikileaks. I think it might work, at least in bigger cities. People meet on Wikileaks related social networking sites, so why not meet like minded people in real life to discuss the topic and raise funds at the same time  just by having a beer? The advertising could be done via social networks, facebook events and so on.

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Re: Wikileaks Fundraising idea's
« Reply #20 on: November 03, 2011, 10:52:03 AM »
I say wikileaks should get in contact with some comedians like the Chaser team the team behind The Chasers War on Everything), people will buy things they get pleasure out of and something humorous will spark the interest of those without any interest in wikileaks. Even those in the holocaust made jokes about their situation - it made it easier to deal with.


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Re: Wikileaks Fundraising idea's
« Reply #21 on: November 08, 2011, 11:42:05 AM »
I think the WikiLeaks Store should sell more trinket-type items, like stickers, pins, and keychains. They're great to buy in bulk and can be handed out at events and such to spread awareness.

I know the European store already sells some great, high-quality WikiLeaks stickers (I *know* they are great because I have one!), but unfortunately they are not available in the US store. Although you can order from the EU store in other countries, the shipping fees are rather high.

The Bradley Manning Support Network offers great kits that come with shirts, buttons, posters, fliers, and such. A WikiLeaks-version of this is also an idea. This is good for people who want to set up demonstrations, and would probably be popular especially with the Occupy movements going on.

I saw that the idea of a Logicomix-style comic book was brought up in another thread. As a big fan of both Logicomix and Bertrand Russell, I really like this idea. I have ventured into a few WikiLeaks-comic ideas myself, but I don't think I am talented enough in writing nor art. But I'm sure WikiLeaks has some very talented supporters who would love to get on the idea. :)


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Re: Wikileaks Fundraising idea's
« Reply #22 on: November 08, 2011, 14:17:11 PM »
How about a lady's scarf like the pattern below

(I hope I am permitted to put it forward although it is someone else's wonderful work):,5572.0.html

scarfs are an item very easily purchased as it can be useful for keeping warm as well as an accessory, a silk batik ( would suit this design best I think.

Also good to have a selection of clothing items that are not restricted on size limitations. (the 2 XL pink lady's t-shirts I bought for myself, I passed to my 10 year old  ;))

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Re: Wikileaks Fundraising idea's
« Reply #23 on: November 08, 2011, 21:18:26 PM »
It is very nice, if it is permitted to play with the logotype. I would like to have one.

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Re: Wikileaks Fundraising idea's
« Reply #24 on: November 12, 2011, 12:11:11 PM »

Wikileaks weekender would be a cinematic extravagaza celebrating the people who seek to bring truth and justice to the world through the power of film over one weekend in several major cities around the globe.

Some of Wikileaks' benefactors namely: John Pilger, Ken Loach, Michael Moore are arguably the most noteworthy in their fields: journalism, social-realist drama, and documentary film. Could this be be exploited?

'Wikileaks Weekend' would both celebrate and expose some of the many miscarriages of justice that much of the viewing public do not see from emerging new talent and celebrated filmmakers.

Most of the films of all three benefactors bar Michael Moore, receive limited exposure due to film distribution companies who regulate what box offices show and pander to the lowest common denominator with the likes of 'grmmmph! Slap II' or some such heinous crime against cinema. 'WLW' would offer up exciting, new feature length and short socially conscious film alongside the work of Pilger, Loach and Moore, that most would otherwise go unseen in theatres.

Wikileaks would acquire an independent cinema or two in a major city to host a weekend of films that address the subject of the disenfranchised/corrupt that Assanges benefactors have been relentless dedicated to for many years.

Some cities just to get us started with some major celebrities who currently support Wikileaks for wide exposure:

London: Pilger, Ken Loach, Alan Moore

New York: Michael Moore, Oliver Stone

Madrid, Barcelona: Pedro Almadover

Paris, France: Who here?

Stockholm (has to be one in Stockholm right?  )

Wikileaks weekender could start in say London then progress as a tour as it hits major cities first, building momentum and exposure as it goes. As the tour progresses through the four major cities, others become involved and independent cinemas offer up their services appreciating free worldwide exposure. With celebrity fans attending the small indies, we shun the multiplexes and celebrate the independent. The owners of the cinema would offer their venue for the day or weekend for gratis as the celebs and fans aligned with Wikileaks sweep through their premises and present awards. Revenue from tickets go to Wikileaks, while refreshments sold at the venue go back to the cinema. Official Wikileaks merchandise can be sold and the venue with the bar open for networking and making new friends, or rubbing shoulders with the odd director or two. Two good centrally located Indie cinemas in London are: 'The Prince Charles', and 'Notting Hill Gate'. Or perhaps a bit further afield the wonderful art deco 'Phoenix', believed to be Britains oldest cinema.

Films screened would be both nonfiction/fiction feature length and shorts. The public purchase tickets with a saving online or at the box office; purchasing per film/guest speaker, for the whole day, or for the whole weekend.

As Saturday and Sunday are traditionally days of rest cheap Egg/bacon sandwiches could be provided till the afternoon, with free tea/coffee and blankets provided to nurse any hangover. Special prizes would be given for getting out of bed and turning up in their PJ's (very Prince Charles cinema)

Relevent ideas for films to be screened:

John Pilger's 'The War you don't see', 'The War on Democracy'

Ken Loach's 'The Navigators'

Adam Curtis' 'The Trap'

'Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911'

'The Corporation'

'Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism'

'Wikileaks Rebels'

Alongside new shorts/docs by upcoming filmmakers.

If all filmmakers (special guest and emerging) could give a short description/anecdote of why/how the film was made before screening commences this would be most welcome!

Relevent notables that come to mind who have spoken in support of Wikileaks:

Alan Moore: legendary author of comic books some made into films: V for Vendeta, Watchmen, 2000AD,
Oliver Stone: No introduction needed here

Film is an important medium that can be digested quickly with strong messages brought about in seconds and minutes as opposed to hours or days as the written word.

The event could be sponsored/in association with organisations such as: Amnesty and/or 'ethical' businesses like The Body Shop etc that will garner advertising from television/press coverage.

Every year the 'Wikileaks Weekender' would grace our cities and screens, capture our hearts and enlighten our minds. In it's second outing emerging independent filmmakers dedicated to making peoples voices heard also get to showcase films with a 'Wikileaks Award' (fashioned in the shape of a leaking egg timer of course) for the coveted 'in pursuit of truth and justice' award up for grabs at the worlds most alternative and most 'dangerous' film festival.

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Re: Wikileaks Fundraising idea's
« Reply #25 on: November 24, 2011, 08:38:12 AM »
It is so, so, so hard not to suggest blackmailing .... and then releasing the leaks anyway. 

Sigh...highly immoral yes, but you have to admit it would be a good money maker, and we would all enjoy a little retribution to boot ;)
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