Author Topic: Opinions on song about Assange?  (Read 1717 times)

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Opinions on song about Assange?
« on: July 28, 2012, 22:31:45 PM »
I  wrote a song about Assange that I intended to be in the style of good old left-wing propaganda, but I am not quite sure if it didn't end up being bad new vague left-wing propaganda and there is enough of that out there already. Unfortunately I have no one to ask about it. My friends are not really into in the topic and I did not yet find people around here who are.
So I try to get some opinions that way, please bear with me:

Oh Heureka, the human race is finally evolving
We have contrived a web of thought, that should get things revolving
Freedom to learn about everything, produced by the human mass
One voice per person, equal at last, not enhanced by possessions or class
As in every revolt yet another attempt, on the power-to-people-shift
But this time the streets are not the only place, to fight the spell of the rift
Haves rule Have-Nots, it has always been true, it never has been just
And now there's a tap to the enormous extent of them violating trust

Instead of defecating the sh*t that leaked from your brains
You're throwing stones at the messenger, but we still can see the stains
Spring, to creek, to river it's a flow you cannot stanch
Not with censors and blocks, not by trampling in fear on divining rod Julian Assange

You declare it a cyberwar, because war is what you know best
But without your guns and fear machinery, thoughts can't be suppressed
I guess you get the message by now, the goddamn hippies are back
United with punks, they are up to your game and I'd say have the bigger stack
A new rift breaks up and those with the brains, seem in a fair way to prevail
Just a wild guess, in a free global vote, you'd contest to no avail
So you're hunting down thought to body, where flaunting guns makes sense
You try to law us out of the way, but our rows are getting dense

One day it will be the best listener, who gets to be in charge
Instead of you hypocrite moneybags, being allowed to roam at large
We're wearing the stones of your ignorance we inexorably branch
We're the constant dripping following the waterfall Julian Assange