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In Three Cups of Deceit, the debut story being released today in digital form by Byliner Inc., a new publishing company specializing in narrative journalism, Jon Krakauer tells the full tale of the scandal first revealed on “60 Minutes” last night, April 17. Krakauer, an acclaimed reporter and the author of the bestsellers Into the Wild, Into Thin Air, and Where Men Win Glory, was himself a longtime Mortenson supporter who donated more than $75,000 to the Central Asia Institute. In 2004, however, troubled by high turnover on the CAI board and Mortenson’s lack of accountability, Krakauer ended his association with the organization. He wasn’t alone in his disenchantment. As a former CAI board treasurer told him, “Greg regards CAI as his personal ATM.”

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Three Cups of Deceit
How Greg Mortenson,
Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way
Greg Mortenson has built a global reputation as a selfless humanitarian and children’s crusader, and he’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He is also not what he appears to be. As acclaimed author Jon Krakauer discovered, Mortenson has not only fabricated substantial parts of his bestselling books Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools, but has also misused millions of dollars donated by unsuspecting admirers like Krakauer himself. This is the tragic tale of good intentions gone very wrong.

a few highlights of the story.

* the schools built are not in dangerous areas but in safe areas
many buildings  are sitting empty  - no students - no one using them

“Mortenson’s books and public statements are permeated with falsehoods,” writes Mr. Krakauer. “‘Three Cups of Tea’ has much in common with ‘A Million Little Pieces,’ the infamous autobiography by James Frey that was exposed as a sham.”

The stakes in this fight are huge. There are some five million print copies of “Three Cups of Tea,” which was first published in 2006. Central Asia Institute, which Mr. Mortenson co-founded and runs as executive director, has solicited more than $50 million in donations to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Mr. Krakauer, author of “Into Thin Air,” a best-selling book about a fatal attempt to climb Everest in 1996, donated $75,000 to CAI before telling Mr. Mortenson in 2004 that he was pulling support due to concerns about the organization’s lax oversight and accounting practices.

In answers to “60 Minutes,” CAI’s board denied its actions amounted to a breach of U.S. tax codes which disallow executive officers or board members of a charity to receive excessive economic benefits from the charity.

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