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At some point of time some lines/poetry makes a very significant impact on all of us which changes our way of thinking, makes a course correction of our lives, navigates us to some purpose which we believe in very strongly. 

I am creating this thread so that we can share such lines, may be it can change others life, may be this thread becomes a medium for such lines to find its way to soul that makes any revolutionary changes or at least help him to find his destiny.

Please share such good lines which you had read earlier or  have stumbled upon recently , I will start with one poetry i have read recently by some not so famous author, but i find it very inspiring -


I am waiting for the dawn.
To break in
Impatient and eager;
Listless and passionate
For the dawn to break in.

I wanna be the sunshine
Which gives a rare shine
Even to a mud pool:
A stinking cesspool

I want to hang pearl drops
Where tear drops
Once stayed and reigned,
Cause I am sunshine
Lustrous and eternal.

Today somebody,somewhere
Will perform
A decent burial
Of their sorrows,
Never caring to cast
A fleeting glance
At its tombstone.
Cause I am sunshine.
Life giving and lustrous.

Rise and run
Oh down trodden-
And the fallen swine!
In me you will find
A God send
To care for you
And propel you
To the battle front.
Emerge a true victor!
Cause I am sunshine;
In the clear light of mine,
No enemy remains ever hidden

a poem by Dr Sudarsan Damodar Prasad, India


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Beautiful! thank you

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I enjoyed that!
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I will sing to children,
the stories of the reflected light on the dew
of tender flowers covered with cement.

~From the poem Sing by Emanuela Arcangeli
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I really like Haiku poetry
This one is one of my favourites:

A lovely thing to see:
 through the paper window's hole,
 the Galaxy.


and I found this very funny :D

I kill an ant
 and realize my three children
 have been watching.

Kato, Shuson
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