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Political fiction - the story behind Wikileaks
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Political fiction - the story behind Wikileaks [translated from french]

In the 80s, people working for the intelligence agencies decided to create a secret government to fight against the injustices of the world.

These people were part of the largest intelligence agencies in all countries, whether they were rich or poor countries. They allied themselves for the sake of democracy.

Secret agents have set up a project to recruit hackers to serve their fight against the government.

They pretended to act in the interest of the government, but their project was to rid the world of all injustice.

Julian Assange has thus been recruited by the Australian authorities, when he was a young hacker. He did not think he would have to work for the government. But fate had willed otherwise.

Julian Assange was approached by the secret agents who were behind the invisible government, the secret government that would put an end to all injustice in the world. Because they were also present in the Australian government.

They asked Assange to infiltrate governments and to become a spy to discover the truth about the crimes that were committed on the planet. They asked him to create for them a computer network that allows them to hack all conversations and all possible documents proving the responsibility of governments in all filthy crimes committed.

So Julian Assange created for them a secret computer network, in which only the invisible government could have access. Governments themselves have always ignored the existence of the computer network and they did not know that Julian Assange was at their service.

It was in the 80s. For over 20 years, the invisible government has had access to all the computer data of all possible governments on the planet. They accumulated all possible evidence against governments.
They recorded the conversations of presidents and their ministers. They copied all the evidence demonstrating the existence of crimes against humanity and responsibility of those who ordered these crimes.

For over 20 years, the secret government has accumulated all this evidence without revealing anything to those who were in power. Those in power believed to have the power.
But the real power was in the hands of the invisible government.
The invisible government knew who was behind bombing attacks, who caused climate disasters, who was corrupted in the government.

The invisible government knew more than anyone else on the planet. And they accumulated the evidence for over 20 years, thousands and millions of documents, and today they are still there and they can bring down any government by snapping fingers because they have evidence of any thing which was committed on earth for over 20 years.

For over 20 years, they have served governments, while accumulating evidence and while hacking the secret documents they needed to restore democracy in the world. They knew that it was not until plunging in the heart of governments darkness, they could shed light on the truth. They have become what others wanted them to become, but they returned the power of governments against the injustice.

For over 20 years, they served the interests of governments against the will of their heart, while witnessing the worst injustices and all the corruption that exists, but they were silent because they knew that the time had not yet come for them to tell the truth to the world. The hour had not yet come for them to be the light that would destroy the darkness. They remained in the shadow of government for so long, by pretending they were like the others, pretending that they were bad and that their minds had no soul.

For over 20 years, they were silent. They said nothing on their computer network that allowed them to access all the possible information. They knew that their time would come for them to tell the truth to the world. They remained for many years at the heart of governments, in the shadows and darkness of governments - where any citizen can not even imagine the horror of the crimes that are committed by those who lead us. They closed their eyes to what they saw, they said nothing about what they knew to be able to one day free the world by publishing evidence of what has occurred.

The invisible government was waiting for a sign to publish the truth. So they created the Wikileaks organization in 2006. They made the world believe that it was only a small, insignificant organization not to alert governments and to stay safe, but in fact they are much more powerful than any government in the world. They are above all governments. They know all the truths and they hold all the evidence against the presidents and all those who were their servants.

The invisible government has published just a small part of all the documents in their possession. But soon the time will come when they will release the whole earth and they will give the truth to the world. Then, no government will be spared. They know that the time will come to tell the truth. They were slaves to the government, they dragged with them all the secrets, but after 20 years, they will now be free and they will bring light to the world. And democracy will shine everywhere, because those people were like arrows of light that defeated forever the heart of darkness.
"Les hommes qui ont vécu dans les laboratoires n'imaginent guère que les partis extrêmes" -
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