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My Sister's Story.
« on: August 09, 2011, 00:43:00 AM »
My sister, berry, wrote this story when was 8-9. Now she is 9 and this story she has been working on for ages.
                                                   The Muddle-up Cupboard

               Chapter 1
            Emily the witch

It all started in the morning when I was eating my favorite cereal, Coco Pops. I am a multi tasker, so while I was eating I was also playing backgammon. I was playing against the best player in England, Terry Mingallten.
“I can’t believe it!!!! I won!!!!!” I exclaimed. “Did I here you say you won darling?” mum said surprisingly. “Yes, you did mum!!!” I shouted across the room. You see Terry had come to stay for a couple of weeks.
Yes, she was famous but she was my great Auntie who had been adopted. Terry looked shocked, I could tell why; it was because she had never been beaten before in her life.
Just then Rod stepped into the room.
I new why though, my dad had a men’s day and played poker every time. It was a bit silly to come in the holidays because he could be at the beach or something like that.
I always wonder why they can’t do something else though. Rob, Rod, Segar and Jerry with other men as well came to the house every second Wednesday to play poker.
“Come on sweetie, it’s time to go to netball now” mum said. “Come on mum, just a few more minutes?” I begged. “Do you want to be late for Netball?” mum asked. “Ok” I mumbled.
When we got back I asked mum if I could get Celina round for a play. She said I could so Celina came round and we went up to the guinea pig cage to cuddle the guinea pigs and my rabbit. While we were up there we thought about what we were going to be when we grew up. “When I grow up I want to be a Zoo Keeper” Celina said. She had probably thought about this a lot because I had trouble thinking.
“I want to be a… umm… a… err… umm… pet… umm… store… keeper. Yes, a pet store keeper” I said aloud. We giggled for no reason. My bunny hopped onto my lap and lay there very quietly, she had had a big day and she was probably exhausted. 
The next day I woke up to a bright and early morning when the birds were cheeping the sun was bright, when all of a sudden I heard a loud BANG!!!!
I peeped out the window and guess what I saw? A child with a broomstick and a black hat and cloak and a black… well, I guess it was green but still it was frog beside her. She looked quite young and had a cute little ponytail. She looked like a witch, or a child who dressed up. “Hello, what’s your name?” I asked.
She turned around as fast as she could and looked around. “I’m up here!!!” I giggled. She looked up and saw me poking my head out of the window. “I’m… err… Emily” she said shaking. “I’m called Page,” I said. “There’s no need to be afraid,” I said. She clicked hopped on her broom and flew up, up, up into the sky and came about level with my window that was 10 meters high. “Err… so… you’re a real witch” I shivered. I stepped backwards and slipped on my homework book.
I then picked myself up with my eyes glued to Emily the real life witch. “You don’t have to be scared, you’re the first human I’ve ever seen you know. We know humans to be scary and mean with long claws.
But when I met you, I realized they were wrong” Emily said. “Really, well we know you witches to be exactly the same as you think we are but also make potions that even could hurt even a fly” I said. We both laughed.
“We also thought you had black cats as pets” I said looking confused.
“We do sometimes, but only if we want to. I got little Freddy here because she is very talented and friendly,” Emily said. “Besides, my mum wouldn’t let me get a black cat” Emily said crossly. “Well, I better get going since my broom is working so bye for now” Emily said.
Later that day I thought about how people thought witches were, and how they really were, but nothing matched up. I wondered how a person even new about witch’s anyway. The next day I told Emily that my friends Meghan and Tess were coming over to my house that day. And when they did they might be a bit shocked to see a real life witch.
“Ok, but if they are scared they might also be interested like you were” Emily said. She was right, but I wasn’t to shore.
I heard a loud knock on the door. “That must be them,” I said. I opened the door and let them in. “There’s a secret I want two tell you but you can’t tell anyone” I whispered. They nodded their heads. “Not here. Follow me” I whispered. We all went into my room except for Tess. “Come on Tess” I said aloud.
But she just stood there like a statue. She had a frightful look in her eyes. I thought about her worst fear. Then I remembered it. SPIDERS!!!! I walked over to her looked where she was looking. I couldn’t see a spider. I put my arm around her and said, “Are you ok?” She didn’t answer. Just then I felt 8 hairy legs crawling up my arm that was around her. Meghan saw the spider too now and called out “HUNTSMAN!!!!!!” I lifted my arm with the spider on it very gently. It was now crawling up my neck. Just then Emily burst into the room and grabbed the spider off my head, ran outside put the spider down turned it into a fly ran inside and shut the door behind her. “Is that a… umm… err… a… witch?” Meghan asked nervously. “We better talk about this in my room” I whispered hoping no one saw or heard what just happened. But everyone had seen and heard everything. Emily ran to go and hide somewhere. All our parents slowly walked to where she was hiding and looked behind the curtain but all they found was an open window. “Where has she gone?” they asked looking confused.
                Chapter 2
          The muddle up cupboard               

Then I noticed her little frog sitting on the window ledge and a hand slowly coming up snatching the frog and slowly bringing it down just as the window closed. “Who was she?” they asked each other. Then they all looked at me.
“Do you know who she was Page?” the parents asked me. I wasn’t too sure what to say. I looked at my friends in a way saying, “Help me!!!!” but they just stood there staring out the window.
All of a sudden it hit me! A great plan twirled around in my head trying to get out.
I slowly said my great planned words. “Umm, well she was the girl that I’ve been telling you about dad” I said hoping that my plan was going to work. “You mean the one who can easily trick you into doing something that could make you laugh so hard that you could end up in hospital or the one that’s a good friend of yours?” he said with a tricky look in his eyes. “She means the one that’s a good friend of hers, don’t you?” Meghan said trying to look convinced.
“Yes I do don’t I Tess?” I said looking at her in the eye. “Yes she… a… does” she said trying to squeak out why that had just happened. “Then how about you have a cup of tea while the kettle is boiling?” dad said to the visitors. Mum had gone to work now so she couldn’t help.
I new what he was trying to do, he was trying to get us to go and play while he tried to make up a plot that would make us say the truth. “Lets go and play while they have a cup of tea,” Meghan said dragging us out of the room.
I tried to pull away but she had a tight grip on my arm.
“What should we do now?” Tess asked still looking out the window. But then she realized I wasn’t there. I was putting my ear up to the door listening to every word they were saying.

          This was their plan:
1.   Say something so good it confuse them into say who she was or where she came from
2.   Nothing else to do     
This was not good. I had to tell the others. I wrote it all down and went into the bedroom. We then made up our own plan.
             This was our plan:
1.   Pretend we are playing hide and seek
2.   Find a good hiding place and hide there
3.   Parents come looking and find us
4.   Say who she was but can’t tell anyone

I think it was a pretty good plan because we couldn’t lie to our parents forever could we? We got the parents to come and play. Our plan was working. We went and found a hiding place. I went into the attic and found an old dusty cupboard just the right size for me to fit in.
I hopped in and closed my eyes. I felt like I was falling into a dark hole and then all of a sudden I saw light coming through my eyelashes.
I opened my eyes and found myself in a beautiful world full of flowers and bees and apple trees and clouds that filed the sky. I got to my feet and walked along the path. I saw a sign written in candy.
It said
I kept walking along the path and to my very eyes was a humongous park. I saw big bouncy mushrooms and little butterfly toys, big tissue boxes the size of houses that had windows and a front door cut into each one.
Then I heard someone crying behind a mushroom. I looked behind it and saw Emily crying her little eyes out. “Emily what are you doing here and why are you crying?”           
“I’m here because this is my home and my brother just got run over by a Broom Rios. Why are you here and how did you get here in my hometown?” Emily sobbed. I was shocked. Just then Terry stepped into the park.
“This is my mum” Emily said. When Terry saw me she screeched out loud. “EEEKKK!!!! What ARE you doing here?” She shrieked. I slowly put my hand behind my back and crossed my fingers. A cold shiver ran down my back. I shook it off and held my breath.
“The parents and I were playing hide and seek so I found my self crawling into the attic and into a cupboard full of dust,” I said.
Emily thought for a moment and then was about to ask how we new each other when a messenger came.
“Your brother we found out is not dead so you can come and visit him if you want” he said. And before he could start telling the rules in his basket she had gone. Well acutely it wasn’t a messenger, it was a humongous ladybug riding a unicycle with a basket at the front.
Then I remembered that I had to get back to the game of hide and seek with the parents. “I have to go Terry and don’t try to stop me,” I said. I ran for my life with Terry behind me and then something strange happened.
She pointed her left thumb at me and called out “FREEZE”. I froze in an instant trying to keep running but I just stood there with my feet glued to the floor and my jaws jammed tightly together. She ran over to me and walked around me very slowly twiddling her thumbs around and around.



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Re: My Sister's Story.
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Wow and she started this at age 8!!! That's amazing and so wonderful to see kids take an avid interest in literature. Your sister's a great writer!! Tell her to keep up the great work! Nice one!

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Re: My Sister's Story.
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Awesome, a gifted prose writer.  I hope she developed her talent and used it for good,