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2nd Part
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This is the next part of my sisters story.

Chapter 3
          “More things to do”
She then spoke in an accent that I had never heard before. But I couldn’t help thinking that it sounded so familiar that it made me think of something my mum left me before she went to work. “Do you have the muddle up cupboard” Terry said.
Just then Meghan came tumbling in and then Tess came over the top of her. “That hurt Tess and…” but before she could say the last words she was frozen so she couldn’t speak.
She turned around as fast as she could which was not very fast because she had to waddle the whole way around. Her eye shined brightly or was it the ice that made her eye shine but enough about that because we need to continue my story. “Why aren’t you at home playing hide and seek?” she said.
We had practiced speaking without moving our lips so that made it easier to talk.  “I was in the attic hiding,” I said. I saw Terry had an evil smile and sort of a pointed nose now and she ran off into the bushes to hide from something coming. “What should we do now?” Tess said shivering. I wondered if Tess was shivering because she was in ice or because Terry was creepy. Just then Terry came back looking normal. She stared at us. “Why are you ice girls?” she asked.
“Can’t you remember?” Meghan said. But Terry didn’t answer she just stood there. Then Terry who had a pointed nose and now a wart on her finger as well came out from behind the bushes and laughed at Terry the human and us three.
“Theirs two Tewwys and we are not frozen any more” Meghan said looking confused. She couldn’t say Terry properly because she was so cold from the ice. “Not all of us Meghan” I said.
Then we realized that she could only freeze three people at one time. What we didn’t know was that she chose the person she less wanted to freeze to be free again. She had a brain that was like a computer thinking of one thing in part of the brain and something else in a different part of the brain and making an evil deed at the same time!!!
You evil stubborn witch you’re so… evil!” Meghan shouted. But she shouldn’t have done that because she was now frozen again. “Let us out of these ice cubes!” Tess yelled. But she was already out of the ice cube so she didn’t need to say “us”. “Fantastic, everybody get ready to dance. We’re going on a ride to your town!!!” she said with an evil grin and was now growing a crackly dry face with two more warts on her nose. She put us in the car and on the way there just to have some fun with her we sang all the way.
“Holly and the bell rang, bell rang, bell rang, Holly and the bell rang on the boat. Holly and the bell rang, bell rang, bell rang, Holly and the bell rang in a tree” we sang. “Just… stay… I mean be… oh just be quiet back there” she yelled.
“But you told us to get ready to dance. So we did!!!” we giggled. “Achoo!!! Ouch!!!” Tess screamed. Tess had sneezed herself right into the boot. “I think I’m allergic to witch’s. Aha, look what I found. Come see” Tess yelled.
We all climbed into the boot and saw a cupboard that had before been in the attic for me and the lounge room for Tess and the garage for Meghan. We told each other this by whispering because this could be the muddle up cupboard.
We then realized that it had basically moved by magic or it came to anyone who needed it. We climbed in and closed our eyes. When we saw light coming through our eyelashes we opened our eyes and found our selves tumbling over and over again in the pathway of the hospital and into a witch who had a particular name called Emily. “A witch hospital? Never new there was such thing as a witch hospital!” Meghan said aloud. “Well I’ve never met a real human before” Emily’s brother said. “Not the wand Jake. Put the wand down” Emily said seriously. “So your name is Jake I see,” I whispered. “Why are you whispering?” Emily asked.
“I’ll tell if you believe me” I whispered but I new she wouldn’t anyway so it wasn’t much point in saying why so I said “You want believe me so I better get going now”. I pulled Meghan and Tess away from her because I had a bad feeling about her. I then whispered in their ears then we all ran before she could call freeze and freeze us.
Just so you know we weren’t frozen any more for some reason and as soon as we hopped in the muddle up cupboard we started thinking why aren’t we frozen anymore. We landed in the house well actually on the roof of the house. I leaned against the chimney. Strange things started to happen to us.
Meghan slid to the bottom of the roof on ice, Tess’s scratches went away but nothing happened to me. It was amazing just watching everything happening.
Just then Meghan turned to ice but could sill move like normal, Tess got a silver swirl on her left arm but nothing happened to me again. Then we knew, Tess could heal things and Meghan was like the North Pole. We slid down the roof and remembered that it was Sunday so it was the last day of the school holidays.
We wondered how are parents would take this. We then went inside and found out that they were confused by something else, they were frozen!!! I walked over to them and touch everyone.
Just then Terry came gushing into the room with a pile of ice and a three headed dragon and three chains.
The dragons caught all of us - except for Tess, - and hung us up with the chains. She hung me by the half burnt shirt and Meghan by the fully frozen shoe. Later she put our worst fear below us. Mine was ice and Meghan’s was fire so the dragons had some fun with her by shouting fire at her. She dodged every one and accidently went so high she hit the roof with her head.   



            Chapter 4
      Tess in the midnight dark

“This is crazy!” Tess thought. All she needed was to get a plan, but she didn’t know what to do to get us all out. She then saw a crow land at her feet. The crow picked a leaf, which it used to draw its plan in the soil. It was perfect, brilliant, wonderful-but how was she going to get in the house?
She looked at the sun and caught hold of a plan that joined with the crows. That night she quietly opened the window and heaved in the muddle up cupboard behind her. She then quietly tiptoed into the lounge and found a girl with blonde hair sitting on the couch.
“Good morning early riser. My name is Jamison” Jamison exclaimed. While all this was happening Meghan had become loose and was now trying to untie me but she didn’t want to hurt me by touching my skin–but it was to late, Jamison had already spotted us red handed.
“Hi there, she hung me up too like that too,” Jamison giggled.
Then I noticed that her face was a little bit white. “Then how do you get loose?” I asked. “You don’t unless you fall” Jamison laughed. “Did you fall?” I asked suspiciously. “No way, instead I died!” Jamison said. “Then why are you here right now on the sofa?” Meghan asked. “Haven’t you heard of A GHOST?” Jamison asked. “Yes, I guess I have. Now since you’re the ghost around here maybe you know how to untie knots like this? You have seen Terry undo knots, haven’t you?” Tess questioned her. “I’ll have to do a bit of thinking to work out if I have seen her doing that” Jamison said. Then she froze before you could say Jack Russell. We waited ages and then finally she untied the knot. “Well let’s get moving” Meghan said. We travelled to a cave hidden in the leaves of the forest.
We camped there for the night. We knew that it would be cold and dark so we gathered logs for a fire. To make the fire heat we got a torch and a magnifying glass. We held the magnifying glass over the fire and shone the torch throw the magnifying glass.
I was putting out the sleeping bags, making weapons and making it like home because we might have to stay here for a couple of nights. Later that night we looked out for any witch’s that might come. “I’m tired. Can we please go to bed now?” Tess asked politely. “Ok” I said sleepily.
I closed the look-out-window and crawled into bed. Tess and Meghan had already fallen asleep but I couldn’t help wondering if mum was actually ever come home from work or what the thing she left me was. “Don’t take that out of the box innless it’s an emergency” she had said. I sat up, picked up the box she gave me and pulled the lid off.
All I found was a necklace. Wait, I felt it a bit and found something opening and closing all the time. I shined the torch on it and found a little cupboard just instantly opening and closing all the time. I put it around my neck and lay down and closed my eyes.
I dreamt of the muddle up cupboard and bunnies and dragons… I know your thinking that these were cute and cuddly bunnies, but they just pretended to be soft and what ever you think.
The bunny’s fur was really prickly and its tale (under the fur) was really a sharp knife. Ok, lets say it’s the next day now. “Page, wake up! Wake up! Get out of bed! Get up!” Tess shouted.
“What’s the time?” I yawned. “Doesn’t matter about the time right now! Look out the window!” Tess yelled. I got out of bed, opened the curtain and guess what I saw. A dragon chained up to a pole and it was trying to get away. I ran outside grabbed an axe and chopped the chain in half. Tess hadn’t noticed that I was outside yet. She opened the window and caught up to me. “She’s hurt. I was wondering if you could help her?” I asked.
There was a big scar on her forehead. Tess worked on it hard and a whole hour later Tess finally said the dragon was better. “I have an idea. Tess, go get some tree branches. Meghan, go get some rope” I said.
As for me I went to the dragon and for some reason it bent its head down low.
I started patting it and it flicked me onto its back. I then new what it was trying to say, I was its rider!

              Chapter 5                               
            War on earth
The next day my idea was complete. With wood, strings and leafs we had made a home for the dragon who was now called Rosemary-for short Rose. It was a warm summers day so Meghan and I practiced shouting goals through a branch that went round while Tess went to pick some berries. Later while Tess was still out Meghan and I made some bow and arrows.
After that it had been two hours and Tess still hadn’t come back. We watched the clock as time went by and then we started to get worried. When we couldn’t take it any more we jumped to our feet and grabbed a pack of arrows with the bow. I packed a bag. Inside there was a fist aid, a pair of binoculars, two full water bottles, a pretend treasure map and fifteen sandwiches.
I hoped up onto Rosemary and flew up into the air. Meghan stayed on the ground so I went slowly so she could keep up. The air brushed against my face like the sea and threw my hair around like it was a toy. Then I noticed something heading towards me. It was another dragon!
I got my bow and arrow, leapt to my feet and aimed a perfect aim. When I let go of it it flung like Greece lightening. I hit it right on the wing. I got out my binoculars and saw Terry on it as well. But this wasn’t normal Terry anymore; it was monster Terry holding Tess over the edge of the dragon and Meghan over the other side. The only thing that I could think of was to stand on the dragon and fight. I knew this could be a trap but it was to save my friends.
P.S Miss Alan if you are reading this don’t put the book down because you are just getting to the good part of the story.
“I’ll drop your poor little friends if you don’t come over here and fight me” Terry said in a wickedly voice. “You drop them and your dead!” I yelled at the top of my voice. Terry’s dragon was starting to sway side to side. Then I did something I shouldn’t have done. I did it though and I hit it in the target.
Yes, that’s right. I got my bow and arrow and hit Terry in the heart. She dropped Meghan and Tess and fell to her knees. I swooped down and caught the two screaming girls. I flew up into the clouds and I realized that we could sit on the clouds. I found a big cloud for my dragon to sit on and then we found three small clouds.
It was evening now and the sun got incredibly hot. I started to sweat like mad. Later when it was cooler I noticed something dark coming towards us. Heading our way. “Rain cloud!” Tess yelled. It was coming closer by the minute. “Lets go” Meghan shouted.
We all jumped up on the dragon and sawed down to the ground. Then we put Rosemary in her hut, climbed inside the cave and locked the wooden door. It was a stormy night and the wind nearly ripped off the roof.
That night I thought about what I had done and all the bad things that might happen to us now. What if there are two of the bad her now? What if she had a boss and the boss was now after me? What if… stop it! Stop scaring your self! You’re just going to make it worse. It was the worse night of my life.
Tomorrow I had to solve the hardest problem of my life. Everything had something to do with my life! When I finally got to sleep I had the same dream as yesterday. I woke up and when I got back to sleep I had the same dream over and over again. My head started to swirl. Round and round it went.
Then all of a sudden I thought of why it might be happening. It might be because I killed terry! It might be a warning! It… it… I couldn’t think of anything else. “Help!” Tess had woken up with a big yelp.
“What’s wrong?” I asked. She told me everything. She had had the same dream as I had had and she had it every time as well. “This is strange,” I said as I walked to the draws. I pulled out a mirror and looked at my reflection. I couldn’t see properly so I shone a torch at it and what I saw I couldn’t describe. I saw nothing… I was totally fuzzy.
I dropped the mirror and took a step backwards. The mirror crumbled like a biscket when you break it in two. Tess turned the light on, rubbed her eyes and looked around.
She saw nothing. For a minute, I thought this was all a dream but when Meghan woke up I new it wasn’t. She got up and ran straight into me. “Ouch!” I screamed at the same time as Meghan. “Page, where are you?” Tess said. I got up, dusted myself off and opened my mouth and then closed it really fast so they could hear it’s clatters because words wouldn’t come out.
This was sort of like the three blind mice because we couldn’t see each other and we had long thin… what! Long thin tails! “Page, Meghan, where are you?” Tess put on her glasses on but she still couldn’t see. “I can’t see a thing,” Meghan yelled. The only thing was that we weren’t mice. All of a sudden there was a loud crash and an ogae came tumbling in with a cat, a donkey, a wife and lots of babies. This ogae had a name that was called… SHREK!               
              Chapter 6
           Dreamy cartoons         
   We didn’t have “Blind Eye’s” any more.                   
All of us ran outside. The first one out was Tess. “Bee’s! Big swarm of bee’s!” Tess screamed. We all ran back inside. “Shrek!” I screamed. We all ran back outside. Then we froze and thought about this for a moment.
“Hey, why do we keep on doing this?” asked Meghan. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because… you know, I don’t know. I really well and truly don’t know” Tess said. Okay, this is the weird part. We were like the dumbest creetures on earth. We hadn’t even noticed what was going on…