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tea, toast and a ciggy
« on: August 09, 2011, 21:55:06 PM »
tea, toast and a ciggy

Seven more hours to go till the disability goes into the bank.  I'm out of everything.  There's no tea, the milk's been gone ages and I drank what was left black, but now there's none.  I'm smoking the butts of cigarettes I've saved in a can but they taste horrible and you only get a few puffs out of each one.  My mind wanders over each thing I'll buy when the money goes in.  Milk, tea, bread butter, cigarettes.  Oh, tea and toast and a ciggy after, then I'll be allright with the world again.

I want to paint or make some decorative item but I'm paralyzed because I've got no food, and my art supplies are sketchy at best, haha there I've made a pun.  I've got pencil and paper but that does't excite me.  I need to find something to pass the time, the more you want the time to pass the slower it goes.  I get up and go through the kitchen cupboards again and hope that I've missed something.  There's a can of cranberry sauce, I mull it over and decide there is no way I can eat that.  The rest is salt and vinegar and other condiments. 

The cat mews quietly at my feet.  She's got food at least, but I'm not prepared to eat dry cat food yet.  My stomach growls painfully.

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Re: tea, toast and a ciggy
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2012, 16:40:26 PM »
This sounds chillingly realistic Lizrex...
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