Author Topic: Borrow the idea of "Press Freedom Bonds"  (Read 3520 times)

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Borrow the idea of "Press Freedom Bonds"
« on: November 29, 2011, 22:32:52 PM »
It's from a TED Talk back in year 2005.

Check this out --

Quoted from the transcript:

And we came up with this idea of issuing bonds, press freedom bonds.
If there are investors willing to finance U.S. government budget deficit, why wouldn't we find investors willing to finance press freedom deficit?
We've decided to do it this fall; we will issue them, probably in denominations of 1,000 dollars.
I don't want to advertise them too much; that's not the point.
But the point is, if we ever survive to actually issue them, find enough investors that this can be considered a success,
there's nothing stopping the next organization to start to issue bonds next spring.
And those can be environmental bonds.
And then two weeks later, Iqbal Quadir can issue his electricity in Bangladesh bonds.
And before you know it, any social cause can be actually financed in this way.