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« on: December 08, 2011, 18:26:28 PM »
(Imagine yourself on a day out at a Zoo)


Open your mind and see!
You look just like me!
Your eyes tell me, we're one,
Together, we'd have fun!

I can climb, like you,
Have my,  family, too!
I like the food you eat,
We have, the same size feet.

‘I’, - can pick my nose!
The same amount of toes.
Don 't shave my face like you,
But you, - are hairy, too!

Can pour the tea as well,
Ring anyone's doorbell.
Fingers just like yours,
‘I’, - could wear your drawers!

You think I have no sense,
And sit here looking dense.
But 'I', - have feelings too!
I, - could have been, - like you!

So, why, - you laugh at me?
You came from my own tree!
You know, you have my genes,
But unlike you, ------ I'm free!!!

©  Boadacia, llth. February 2000.