Author Topic: Abu Qatada arrives in Jordan after decade-long government and media witch hunt  (Read 1500 times)

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Abu Qatada arrives in Jordan after decade-long government and media witch hunt

 Written by CP Editor
 Sunday, 07 July 2013

 Abu Qatada has arrived in Jordan today to stand trial. Far from losing his ten-year legal battle against the British government to stay in this country, it was Abu Qatada who chose to leave after the UK and Jordan ratified a treaty that would prevent evidence gained from torture being used in his trial.

Conjuring a bi-lateral treaty just to deport one man was by no means an exceptional episode in this saga. The British government and the media have gone out of their way to spearhead a campaign of vilification and abuse against a man who to this day has not been convicted on any criminal charge in the UK. Even his family have not been spared harassment.

It appears the prospect of humane treatment for Abu Qatada will ironically  be far better in Jordan than it was in Britain where his initial 3-year detention without trial was deemed 'unconstitutional', his vilification by the media - of his innocent wife and children - and politicians was normalised despite facing no charges and where his further 9-year ordeal in prison or under house arrest is more reminiscent of portrayals of Burma than Britain

 Moazzam Begg, Outreach Director at CagePrisoners said, "Abu Qatada's trial by media has not only provided oxygen for the Muslim terror narrative, it has also been used by populist politicians to pass draconian measures that were never adequately scrutinised by MPs.”

 It is often forgotten that throughout this 11 year ordeal, Abu Qatada was never charged, tried or found guilty of any crime. In agreeing to voluntarily not challenge deportation attempts any further, he demonstrated a higher regard for the rule of law than successive Home Secretaries who flouted judges' rulings and wasted tax payers money on a personal vendetta.

 Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.