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Wikileaks Needs your Help
« on: April 12, 2011, 21:01:19 PM »
"We are directly supported on a week-to-week basis by you. You vote  with your wallets every week if you believe that our work is worthwhile  or not. If you believe we have erred, you do not support us. If you  believe we need to be protected in our work, you keep us strong."
Julian Assange, Frontline Club,Kensington Hall on 9th April 2011

It's no secret that donations are needed in order to safeguard Wikileaks existence. There are many ways to donate to Wikileaks, amongst others; or by purchasing Wikileaks merchandise from our Shop at

We are now looking at other ways to gain financial support via fundraising events or new sponsors. This is something we can't do alone and like many other organizations, we rely on our own supporters for ideas. For this cause we are asking you to submit your ideas based on your own innovation. Please submit your ideas and let us know how YOU think we could raise more funds.

We ask you to take part in this event as we will be looking to create a global fundraising team to implement your ideas.

Wikileaks belongs to you so please take part

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