Author Topic: "Censorship" on UFOs issues in WikiLeaks?  (Read 4832 times)

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"Censorship" on UFOs issues in WikiLeaks?
« on: January 21, 2014, 13:33:04 PM »
I open this thread with a Question mark as it is pure speculation, anyway based on noticed real facts and coincidences, that I would like to discuss about with other people here in the forum, if possible.


I was just a member of this forum in 2011 when the previous "Paranoid-UFO" board had been deleted, completely deleted without saving any post of the long interesting, sometimes odd, discussions of this forum's members on UFOs, paranormal experiences/facts, extraterrestrial forms of life, etc.

When the previous board was deleted I had been explained those topics weren't related with WikiLeaks ...a real pity because just "paranormally" dreaming Julian Assange as a very important journalist without even knowinh he existed was the thing leading me to learn more about WikiLeaks... anyway it was ok. I understood that an organization about politics and international balances, leaks on wrongdoings and similar news, could not, may be, give a lot of energies/space to topics that are often considered as "odd" by many or that aren't scientiphically faced (one really needs to have his/her feet on the soil to talk about extraterrestrials without flying with phantasy, etc etc.).

When I became mod and after admin I learned that it was Siggi/ex admin Q that, on Julian Assange's expressed order, deleted the full previous Paranoid board without saving anything.

Always after, the founder of this forum, as people were interested into such subjects, and I imagine as UFOs and similar are discussed in WL documents/leaks too, decided to reopen a new "Paranoid" board that includes UFOs-topics and similar stuff, and can include of course also the "paranoid/paranormal" related discussions...
This is a forum: why not? we are here to talk in freedom of expression...


Now... As WikiLeaks Leaks supporter, I've been reading many cables, many GIFiles, PlusD documents etc.

What I realized is that when the informations are to state that UFOs & Co. are Government created disinformation to coverup military projects or mirages, beliefs, of the [odd] people, all the information is clearly reported:

eg. GIFiles search engine for "UFO":

The main part of the documents simply state they are military experiments, or simple odd beliefs of the people.

BUT what happens when we come to documents concretely describing extraterrestrial forms of life, protocols to welcome them, serious analysis of that little % of "ufos" that aren't explainable with military secret projects, asteroids, popular beliefs and disinformation?

Here's what happens in several (not all but the most interesting ones have this "odd" characteristic) ... Try to Open the links and see what you can read ---> :

[Military] Retired Military Personnel To Confirm UFO Incursions at American Nuclear Weapons Sites :
[alpha] INSIGHT - LEBANON/ISRAEL/MIL - UFO's falling from the sky - NO CODE:
Israel - UFO shot out of sky near Nuclear plant, military says :
[EastAsia] GODZILLA - Japan defence minister discusses UFO issues :
[Social] Exopolitics Certification Program "Galactic Diplomacy Certificate - Second level of certification providesboth the conceptual skills and diplomatic training so you can practicecitizen diplomacy in extraterrestrial affairs ".:

... You can read ONLY the Title and almost nothingelse more.

[ when it comes to declare it may be something military the full GIFiles contains title and text! ---> Re: Israel - UFO shot out of sky near Nuclear plant, military says

"... Sean Noonan wrote:
> nice. it will be interesting to see if they identify it. My guess is
> accidental motorized craft, but just maybe the Arabs or iranians are
> up to fun and games... "

These mentioned documents are just a part of the UFOs/"aliens" related leaks, but their titles are really interesting and don't hint we are talking about "military projects" or else. It seems they are mentioning serious studies on real extraterrestrial forms of life


Now my question is: are these documents too Government disinformation to deviate the attention of the people on "non existing ufos", or have these documents been "censored" like our previous Paranormal stuff board?

I'm just reflecting on the issue.
I can't claim WL is avoiding to talk about the UFOs issue when it comes to touch the theme of extraterrestrial forms of life from near, but I have found quite strange this will of deleting a board about these themes and, at the same time, finding out that the main part of their most interesting documents on extraterrestrials-about subject are... A Title only?

It would be interesting to learn if WL has recived those documents in that already "censored" version or they have edited them that way; if the US Govt. has added those "Titles Only" to deviate the attention and hinting things that are unwritten to awake the interest and the [often absurd] cospiracy theories on presumed aliens... While they sometimes don't even admit there is water on Mars, when with a whatever telescope you can see there is ice on the polar regions of the planet and the quantity of ice makes seasonal changes.