Author Topic: Icelandic 'unseen' email inspired by wikileaks?  (Read 3921 times)

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Icelandic 'unseen' email inspired by wikileaks?
« on: September 15, 2014, 13:13:47 PM »
Reading articles about recent Kim Dotcom event with Wikileaks and Snowden, I found this link for secure emails:

'Private and Secure.
 Real Time Messaging, Calling and Email.
 From Iceland.'

Is this a coincidence if this is in Iceland, the country that hosted Wikileaks activities?...

The website name 'unseen' is strange, it also reminds me the supposed cult where Assange grows when he was young :

'1995: Sarah Hamilton-Byrne's book Únseen Unheard Unknown is published by Penguin.' (Wikipedia)

Do you think it was inspired by wikileaks?
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