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Ferrero: stop cocoa slavery
« on: December 18, 2016, 05:47:02 AM »

 Ferrero: stop cocoa slavery

Don’t all kids love Nutella? Well, probably... except for those who are forced into slavery to make it. Today, more than 2 million children in Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire work in hazardous conditions growing cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate.

Ferrero is the worst-ranked company on child labour among the world's biggest chocolate corporations, and the $10-billion corporation could be doing more to stop child trafficking and modern-day slavery in cocoa plantations.

But without public pressure, Ferrero is sure to just continue with business as usual.

Tell Ferrero to act responsibly and help abolish child slavery and exploitation in the chocolate industry!

Instead of going to school and enjoying their childhood, more than 2 million children work in cocoa plantations chopping with machetes and applying toxic chemicals. Some of those children are also victims of trafficking and modern-day slavery.

The desperate situation in the cocoa plantations is linked directly to the greed of a handful of mega corporations which depend on cocoa for their products. Ferrero represents a staggering 8.8% of the global chocolate market, and reported revenues of $10 billion in 2015. In contrast, most of the five million smallholder farmers who produce the world's cocoa live well below the poverty line.

But there's hope. Ferrero was rocked last month by another supply chain child labour scandal. With the company in the global spotlight, we have a golden opportunity right now to force Ferrero's links to cocoa child labour onto the agenda.
Our pressure is already forcing the chocolate industry to respond. SumOfus members played a key role in forcing Nestlé to step up action on child labour. Now, let’s make sure Ferrero follows and ends slavery in its supply chain once and for all.