Author Topic: Trudeau: Don't sell out seniors' health care [Canada]  (Read 1381 times)

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Trudeau: Don't sell out seniors' health care [Canada]
« on: December 22, 2016, 22:46:52 PM »

Trudeau: Don't sell out seniors' health care

The Liberal Government appears to be fast-tracking a shady deal that would put care for our parents and grandparents in the hands of a massive multinational investment corporation.

Right now, the investment megacorporation, Anbang Insurance Group, is trying to buy a majority ownership in of one of B.C.’s biggest nursing home chains, Retirement Concepts, that provides care for thousands of seniors.

It appears Ottawa is trying to close the deal quickly during the holidays when people aren’t paying attention. And that’s why we need to act now.

The private sector’s increased presence in seniors’ care has already caused a huge increase in neglect and poor conditions. Selling Canada’s seniors to a huge multinational investment corporation in the name of profit would not only make things even more desperate for a vulnerable population, it could pave the way for even more privatization of our public health care system.

Tell Ottawa to reject the takeover of Retirement Concepts by the huge for-profit multinational Anbang Insurance.

Health care and seniors advocates agree that this takeover is a terrible idea, and they can’t believe the government is even considering it -- let alone rushing it through before the holidays.

To make matters even worse, a B.C. multimillionaire just hosted a Liberal “cash for access” fundraiser in his West Vancouver mansion to try and get Trudeau to personally approve this deal to allow for-profit multinationals to run seniors care.

Opposition MPs are speaking out against this shady deal: why should a critical asset in the delivery of senior health care and assisted living be handed off to a private, for-profit corporation?

We’ve already seen the damage that privatization like this can do. In the UK, exposing seniors’ care to global private equity firms and their high-risk investment schemes led to the collapse of the UK’s largest seniors’ care provider, sparking huge uncertainty for thousands of seniors and their families.

Global investors won’t be satisfied just buying up seniors’ care. Next, these corporations will also want to profit from privatizing our hospitals. This is a door that should not be opened.

Tell the Federal Government not to sell out Canada's seniors for profit.

SumOfus exists to fight for people over profit, and our community in Canada has been fighting hard to stop privatization of our health care system. Nearly 30,000 SumOfUs members told Dr. Profit to drop his reckless legal challenge to undermine our public system and introduce for-profit, U.S-style delivery of medically-necessary services in Canada. Many more chipped in to help us organize an action in front of the courtroom to make sure your message was heard.

The federal government knows how much Canadians care public health care -- which is why it doesn’t want Canadians to know that it’s considering selling out seniors’ health care for profit. That’s where we come in.

Join us and tell the government we see what it’s up to. Don’t sell out Canada’s seniors for profit.