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Professional insight/throught to discuss
« on: December 21, 2011, 14:25:04 PM »
as a professional fundraiser, I help charities, NGOs and foundations to get new donors and the 2 main ideas I get from my experience are listed below, and the consequences for WL I can point in final paragraph:
- fundraising is a job with a very huge systematical / technical approach: ideas can be crowdsourced (many ideas listed here are very good) but implementation and operational fundraising programme can't be handle by no one other than professional fundraisers, that can and have to be "volunteers" and "free of charge"
- fundraising doesn't resume to technique and marketing, putting "make a donation" buttons, selling stuff, flattr/paypal... Money comes from emotion, urgent appeals and julian assange and the wikileak's initial/original project are the 2 unique and main assets to get that

if I was JA/WL, my privilegied worldwide fundraising campaign would rely on:
1) launching a global appeal for "information leaking on governements, agencies, corporations" to promote the basic purpose and added value of WL: exposing secrets, corruption...
2) gather a core team of fundraisers + network a national identified professional in each major country
3) raise funds to make possible for WL to protect whistleblowers and analyse leaked information