Author Topic: Russia destroys 78% of its chemical weapons stockpile  (Read 1000 times)

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Russia destroys 78% of its chemical weapons stockpile
« on: December 19, 2013, 14:38:48 PM »
19 December 2013, 15:28

Russia destroys 78% of its chemical weapons stockpile

Photo: EPA

Russia has destroyed so far 78 percent of its chemical weapons stockpile, amounting to approximately 40,000 tones, Colonel General Valery Kapashyn, the head of the Russian Federal Agency for the Safe Storage and Disposal of Chemical Weapons, has informed.

According to him, Russia has been following the timeline agreed by the Convention and national program and the elimination of the deadly stockpiles is proceeding in accordance with the schedule.

"The last, seventh, facility for the disposal of chemical weapons built in Kizner has been put into operation today. $24.5 billion rubles was allocated to put it up," Kapashyn said.

Kapashyn added that only one line for the disposal of the nerve agent sarin, with which 120 mm-caliber artillery shells are filled, had been launched.

"In all, more than 5,800 tons of poisonous chemicals are being stored at the facility in Kizner. The procedure of its destruction is slow as a caliber of the shells varies. It’s always easier to dispose of chemical substances filled into a large item rather than into a small one, so the entire process is based upon a safe and well-thought-out technology not allowing the presence of people," Kapshyn noted.

He also added that Russia is disposing of its chemical weapons strictly fulfilling its obligations and under the control of the international community.

Voice of Russia, TASS