Author Topic: Sending heart balloons on North Korea  (Read 11768 times)

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Sending heart balloons on North Korea
« on: November 20, 2014, 19:09:49 PM »
I wonder what it would look like if South Korea (instead of sending "balloons to send leaflets to North Korea with messages critical of its leader"), was rather sending peaceful and love messages to their korean neighbours ...
how would North Korea react to that kind of messages?

you always read that kind of sad news stories where 2 countries are defying each other, even if these people speak the same language and have common roots:

UN is now threatening North Korea, and North Korea threatens with nuclear as a protest against them...

Are these people really able to talk together about peace? are they really thinking about the future of all the korean generations, when they spend their time sending critics and insults, instead of trying to reach a common goal?...
I know North Korea is a dictatorship and that many people are certainly suffering in this country, but they are also suffering because of our western policy which is intolerant and hateful against Korea.

Maybe UN diplomats should now send them heart balloons with love messages asking Korea to respect human rights and to not stay and suffer in this situation, as all koreans citizens are suffering from this sad situation...
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