Author Topic: NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft all set to Visit Pluto  (Read 2109 times)

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NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft all set to Visit Pluto
« on: December 08, 2014, 17:04:37 PM »
NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft all set to Visit Pluto

Submitted by Carol Bailey on Mon, 12/08/2014 - 13:17

NASA launched New Horizons almost nine years back. It was a space probe that had a very ambitious mission to reach where no space probe had reached before. The destination of this probe is the solar system's most famous dwarf planet, Pluto, and its home, the asteroid-rich region called the Kuiper Belt.

The mission's control center is at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland. The center received the very first signals of the probe's wake-up via a giant radio antenna in Australia just before 9:30 pm ET. This signal was received nearly around four and a half hours after it was sent by the piano-sized probe, it takes that long for signals to travel between there and here at the speed of light.

Speaking in this context, Alan Stern, the principal investigator of New Horizons said, "This is a watershed event that signals the end of New Horizons crossing of a vast ocean of space to the very frontier of our solar system, and the beginning of the mission's primary objective: the exploration of Pluto and its many moons in 2015".

For nine long months, New Horizons was in the hibernation mode just to conserve power, reduce operational costs and reduce the wear and tear of the electronics that it has onboard. It was successfully awaken from its sleep and is now all active to make the necessary preparations ahead of January 15, when it is set to start making long-range observations of Pluto.
Hal Weaver of APL, New Horizons Project Scientist stated that New Horizons is on a journey to a new class of planets that have never been before.

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Re: NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft all set to Visit Pluto
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It is just cool to see the NASA more in the news! there is so much to discover in our system and we now have the tech specs to do it :D
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