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'Immunity From Copyright Violations & Their Users'
« on: May 25, 2011, 13:35:26 PM »
'Immunity From Copyright Violations & Their Users'

Could you imagine every website across the globe that contained 'free' material for download without any royalties being paid toward its owner and everyone of those sites were censored or eliminated by a legislation to protect copyright?
For a start the internet would be extremely different. In some respects this is where the world is directing through its passing of law to make good rewards which are to help protect owners of copyrighted works.
Unfortunately, this legislation is doing exactly what was predicted. I cannot imagine having a legislation which has endorsed the use of subjecting any person, device or similar to enforce the notion that payment for knowledge is the way forward.
As it stands today, the introduction of this bill will continue to allow for a user to download a digital file which was purchased with a copyright protection prior to its release or download. 'Users of itunes will agree, the downloaded copy you make is not copyright 'per se' if you have purchased it, only thereafter if you copy, share or upload (distribute) etc the original material - only then you would be liable'. No question.
So lets put that argument to the test and ask ourselves:
1. 'Does this bill allow for the download of a 'free to use' policy on a digital file where 'no purchase' is necessary and also 'without' copyright protection enabled?
For example non-copyrighted and free clip-art which is widely used and re-distributed on the internet and is free.
Non-copyrighted material could in September 2011 be transformed with the help of this bills legislation coming into effect and will see owners of once 'free to use' material all of a sudden switch to its legislative policy and to claim on a now copyrighted work.

'This bill will allow for 'non-copyrighted' and 'free' material to then be transformed into 'copyrighted under the bills legislation' which the owner decides when copyright is enforceable upon its use. Owners of copyright would opt for their legislative rights under the new bill and commence to prosecute offenders whenever and wherever desired and or to target specific types of theft. This poses a significantly difficult transition with its implementation onto the internet. Legislation could make this possible so how will it be implemented into law?

With the introduction of this bill all Websites will also be targeted for infringement on a copyright because there are no reasons for leaving the internet wide open for infringement, simply free to use policies will no longer exist.

However the problem is the now in-acted copyrighted content for which the user had obtained through 'free gestures' then held accountable under the bills legislation is in part how a user would normally communicate a shared process on the internet - the exchange of free information is in fact paramount to its survival. To find and exchange information (be it any type of media in existence for free use) without first some form of payment sounds more like censorship gone wild west in cyberspace.
To put it bluntly, once legislation passes on this bill the owners of copyright could embark on a wealth of profit and mass engagement in the full destabilization of the entire free internet', whereby disconnection of all free knowledge is sacrificed in order to reward the 'duplication' of and (with its technological advantages forever making this possible) a complete global censorship of free thought on the internet and in its entirety will commence and crush its very existence.
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Re: 'Immunity From Copyright Violations & Their Users'
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Its absurd in its notion that copyright on a once free to use policy will then, need to be purchased and free to download material is quietly depleted from the internet. This bill does nothing other than to collect revenue and make good a promise to the entertainment industry that its creators can reduce volume in numbers.
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Re: 'Immunity From Copyright Violations & Their Users'
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Re: 'Immunity From Copyright Violations & Their Users'
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Copyrights are funny things.  I person filming a mountain can copyright that film, but did he make the mountain?  How dare people say they own the rights to this media or that media.  It's just business people trying to make money.  Half the stuff is grmph anyways, I don't give a toss about hollywood its a bunch of greedy mafia types with no sense of art.