Author Topic: Exposing the standard practice of the undercover Nazi coward  (Read 2408 times)

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Exposing the standard practice of the undercover Nazi coward
« on: August 25, 2014, 00:44:15 AM »
I believed their lies and propaganda just shut down the liquor stores in the bad neighborhoods and you won’t have these undesirables hanging around out front, when really shut down the liquor stores in the bad neighborhoods and when these Nazi come after you with the crave, you will be forced to do the chemicals or drugs that the pharmaceutical companies are pushing that year- these Nazi come into your life boasting about the money to be made and always a great source of good high quality drugs, at first.
They are free to push their drugs and trash with impunity and build up whoever is a good stooge for them. “ill sell you a ounce for $80.00 a quarter for $60.00 and a quarter pound for $120.00, when you ask just for the quarter you quickly see in their body language, that gives them away, I’ll take the quarter this week but maybe next week ill take the pound, I figured if these cowards were going to fuck with me it would be my honor to follow the laws play by the rules, I learned you might get lucky once or twice to make it home, as long as they can profit, or you give good head, I soon realized they don’t just steal cars from the handicap or attack cancer patient for nothing they are major sponsors of their anti drug programs- the drug war is for a select group to play high roller and god while the average person is forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized.
They couldn’t send 13 million dollars to Yemen selling fake weed, their trash and chemicals in Arkansas without their drug war, they get to make $250.00 form one pack of cigarettes in hovers holiday hotel, and once they label you no agent dare risk a promotion to challenge their lie, you are forever guilty, no amount of truth can disprove their lie, they are not paid to write nice reports on criminals and the smoker the heterosexual are forever a criminal. They don’t just sabotage marriages in Richmond California, and hovers holiday hotel with their group showers and cavity searches are not built by gross incompetence or negligence but by design.
They target the decedent American male while they have their Iranian dancing boys and LBG youth outreach, you couldn’t have a heterosexual youth outreach. They are masters at creating hate, anger, jealousy and violence, I am and have always been a celebrate preacher and ordained minister I just refuse to join them in their hatred of god and his creations and since their weapons are forever classified and their war is just too important so you are just suppose to believe it’s just another crazy black man talking to himself on the street corner, pink Floyd another crazy said it best “if we catch you in the backseat trying to pick her up we will send you home back to mother in a cardboard box.”
Since man only sees and hears 1billionth of true reality then the only way to get free is to go international, start an investigation internationally, because the corruption is top down protocol and the rest of the world needs to know what they are doing. Help keep the world free stop the medical monopoly its not to late to change our fate and stop these snakes before they turn this world into another anti drinking anti smoking state. What better way to start an investigation than to shock them with the first page of the Christian bible God saw what he made and it was good; you don’t like what god created rot in hell. Show me your bible or show me your science