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Hello Folks, Matt Watt here
« on: August 09, 2015, 15:27:02 PM »
Hi there forum members,

My name is Matt Watt, better known to you as @ZULU4O1, yes the guy who has been stalking you the past 2 years. Things are pretty screwed up here since I lost my job as Wikileaks party secretary, well I lost it for 2 reasons. One, the party has been deregistered and two, I was thrown out for embezzling party finds (Since I had the key to the cash box )

I hope you guys like me, you see, I don't have many friends here in Australia and so my days are spent trying to get some attention. I also fire off 800 rounds of ammo each week in a desperate attempt to keep my adrenalin flowing.

I see you have already published some of my tweets here on my own dedicated board so I will include some more information about me soon.

So why I am registering a forum account ? Easy, I was told the forum does not delete or censor posts so I thought I would put you guys to the test.

I'm off to drink some cheap booze