Author Topic: Islamophobia fosters extremism, Jordan's king tells EU  (Read 2284 times)

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Islamophobia fosters extremism, Jordan's king tells EU
« on: March 12, 2015, 14:15:36 PM »
Islamophobia fosters extremism, Jordan's king tells EU

'EU has crucial role in religious dialogue', united against ISIS

10 MARCH, 16:38

(ANSAmed) - STRASBOURG, MARCH 10 - King Abdullah of Jordan urged the European Parliament on Tuesday to curb Islamophobia, which he said was fueling extremism.

Most of his speech focused on the struggle against the Islamic State (ISIS).

''Europe,'' he said, ''plays a crucial role in fostering inter-religious dialogue and respect for other cultures. It is necessary to make everyone understand what being a Muslim really means. It is a religion that calls on its believers to respect others. ISIS criminals that deny this reality target mainly other Muslims. We must all work together to prevent our religion from being taken hostage.'' The Jordanian king said that extremism had become a global threat. ''This does not concern only Syria and Iraq. It also involves Yemen, Libya and even Australia. Even Europe,'' he said, ''has been hit hard. However, it reacted by showing unbeatable courage. In Paris, Rania and I marched together against violence and intolerance.'' ''Even in the past,'' he continued, ''a European war became a world war. Today we are in a similar situation. We must fight against those that spread hatred using means that no religion tolerates. Our victory depends on our unity. And in this fight, Europe has a crucial role. It is essential that all of us and our societies renew a pact of reciprocal respect and support the shared values of peace, progress and social inclusion.'' On the subject of the cultural foundation of Islam, King Abdullah said that ''loving one's neighbor as oneself is the rule for every Muslim''. Then, amid frequent applause, he asked for a resumption of peace talks for a positive outcome to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ''We must think about the future, and this means seeking a peaceful, final and inclusive solution together. Radicalization proliferates where there is desperation and no possibility for economic development. This is why it is necessary to strengthen the current partnership between Jordan, the Middle Eastern area and the European Union.'' (ANSAmed).

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