Author Topic: Free Education as an important demand of the OWS movement  (Read 1205 times)

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Free Education as an important demand of the OWS movement
« on: December 12, 2012, 21:23:36 PM »
This is just collecting a few links referring to Free Education as one of the demands of the OWS movement - partly for information, partly these links are posted here in order to give users and readers the possibility to connect with each other.

"Unofficial demands demands" - I think it's fair to describe this demand as inspired by: the the Bildungsstreik in Germany, a movement that has been successfully fighting against tuition fees that were installed there for a couples of years. Most of the lands ("Bundesländer") where they were installed, had to withdraw them after huge demonstrations. Currently, the fight continues in two last places - Bavaria being one of those last two, where a "Volksbegehren" (referendum) against tuition fees is planned, starting January 17, 2013.


International Students Movement
on twitter: Twitter account ISM030
Webpage: Website International Students Movement (Emancipating Education For All)
For Email contact: there is a mailing list you can register to, see website for details - you can connect via facebook too, the links to the facebook group should be there on the page and among the tweets, otherwise just search for the group "International Students Movement" while logged in on facebook (in case you find several - take the large one).


Current (December 2012) interesting further links:
Twitter account Cooper Union
"Cooper Protests for Free Tuition and a ‘Better Future’" (quotation: "... is free education even possible? Or are the free tuition advocates dreaming? - The U.S. has the money.")


And finally, for music lovers or simply as a nice background sound for your coffee break:

International Students Movement with "Irie Révoltés":

]International Students Movement with "Irie Révoltés" on youtube

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