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I just wanted you to inform about the occupy NRA Movement which we all should keep an eye on it to keep those people strong.

Occupy Wall Street offshoot decries political censorship, violation of their 1st amendment rights

Mark Provost, 603-540-3845
Karanja Gaçuça, 646-675-9324
After reaching more than 1 million people in 4 days, Occupy the NRA’s Facebook page was shut down Wednesday morning “permanently”, without warning or explanation. The story was picked up by a reporter from The Nation Magazine and went viral on social media throughout Wednesday. Facebook restored access to Occupy the NRA’s page, with limitations, shortly before 5:00pm, again without explanation. The personal accounts of some of the admins are not yet fully functional.
At Occupy the NRA our mission is to identify the people and organizations who imperil our schools and communities by blocking sensible gun safety laws. We demand sensible gun safety laws and will partner with longtime gun safety and victims’ advocacy groups to help amplify their message on the street and in the media. The NRA falsely portray themselves as an advocate for gun owners, the majority of whom actually support gun safety laws. In truth, the NRA represents gun manufactrurers whose sole purpose is the unhindered sale of dangerous weapons to anyone who can afford to buy them. Occupy the NRA will continually shine a light on gun violence and the gun culture which substantiates it. Our support for sensible gun regulation includes, but is not limited to, the following policies:

    - Responsible gun safety laws and gun permitting processes with comprehensive mental health and criminal background checks
    - Extended wait periods
    - At least 30 days of certified training to purchase and possess a firearm
    - Private liability insurance
    - Mandatory locks with stiff penalties for violation
    - Transparency reports of elected officials who have investments in the gun industry available to their constituents
    - Assault weapons ban
    - Ammo and magazine restrictions

We will continue to speak out against gun violence and dangerous organizations who are causing irredeemable bloodshed, and we will not be silenced by this blatant attack on our 1st amendment rights. We will only grow stronger and our voice more unified! We will demonstrate that people power is greater than the bought-and-paid political muscle of weapons manufacturers.

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