Author Topic: Safety Concerns About UK Nuclear Submarines  (Read 3541 times)

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Safety Concerns About UK Nuclear Submarines
« on: May 18, 2015, 13:20:55 PM »
Safety Concerns About UK Nuclear Submarines

HMS Astute

I was reading a piece in this mornings Daily Mail concerning the allegations made by a sailor who was serving aboard HMS Victorious that the vessels were unsafe see:

This reminds me of a piece I wrote back in 2012 about the safety of the ASTUTE class of hunter killer submarines. The piece was based upon a serious lapse in the security procedures concerning the methods of redacting secret documents for presentation to parliament, or the media/general public.

Very serious issues were raised about welding and pipework, the inability of the vessel to maintain a stable depth in the event of a pressurised water reactor failure and other issues.

A redacted document was presented to parliament: See:

It was relatively easy to "unreadct" this document; the unredacted version is presented here:

The problems with the ASTUTE class of submarines are laid bare..

Notes About Redacting PDF Documents

A few years ago, the MOD was very careless about how they redacted PDF documents for release.

Instead of using good old black printers ink and brush. Rather like the old Typex bottle and brush, they got lazy and decided to redact PDF's electronically. The did this by selecting the text to redact, and setting the background colour of the document to that of the font colour.

All one has to do is copy the redacted PDF document into a simple ASCII text editor, and the reacted text is revealed. Why?

Because the control characters inserted into PDF files cannot be interpreted by a text editor. The control codes are revealed as is the redacted text... !!

It's unlikely that any recent MOD PDF's would fall again into this basic trap.. but it's worth a try.

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