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This Day in WikiLeaks: 11/28/11
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On WikiLeaks:
  • WikiLeaks announces the year anniversary of Cablegate: "One year ago today we put our beliefs before our lives, released Cablegate and changed the world." [Twitter]
  • Trevor Timm reported on how WikiLeaks has influenced foreign policy, journalism, and the first amendment in the past year. [EFF]
  • Kevin Gosztola wrote a piece commemorating the anniversary. [Firedoglake]
  • Glenn Greenwald was on Democracy Now! discussing WikiLeaks being awarded the Walkley for most outstanding journalism, as well as the anniversary of Cablegate. [Democracy Now!]
  • Julian Assange hosted a keynote at GEN News World Summit in Hong Kong. [RT]
On Julian Assange:
  • A Swedish journalist speaks out against lobbying campaign #prataomdet winning a journalism award. (Swedish) [Corren]
  • A vigil for Julian Assange is planned for December 5 outside the High Court, beginning at 8:30AM. [IndyMedia UK]

On Bradley Manning:
  • Bradley Manning's legal team has publicly released a 5-page request for production of evidence. [Google Docs]
  • A solidarity event for Bradley Manning is planned for December 17 in London, 2PM in front of the US Embassy. [BM Support Nework]
  • Bradley Manning's lawyer has hinted at the potential strategies for his upcoming trial on the 16th of December. [Washington Post]

Upcoming Dates:

11/29/2011: Channel 4 airs "WikiLeaks: Secrets and Lies."
12/01/2011: WikiLeaks press conference.
12/03/2011: Julian Assange to speak at Hindustan Times Leadership Conference.
12/05/2011: Julian Assange will apply for a Supreme Court appeal in regard to his extradition.
12/07/2011: Julian Assange will have spent one year under house arrest.
12/08/2011: Kristinn Hrafnsson to speak at Od Infozákona po WikiLeaks.
12/16/2011: Bradley Manning's pre-trial hearing starts. Vigil at Fort Meade.
12/17/2011: World support day for Bradley Manning on his 24th birthday.

Julian Assange has been under house arrest without charge for 357 days. 
(more info:

Bradley Manning has been detained without trial for 551 days. 
(more info: