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WikiLeaks and Julian Assange
« on: May 26, 2014, 21:02:07 PM »
I have been watching Wikileaks for a long time.

A lot it has moved in the past.
Very new ways of thinking. the idea behind created some new awareness.

But the idea also was very fast personalized.

Wikileaks now is just a shadow of what it was, because of one person who forced the idea into one hand.
There is no public that should be the 99% of the WikiLeaks Idea anymore that decides what to do.

There is only one guy left.

Julian Assange.

This person created out of the wikileaks idea a cult, he made it mainstream, personalized it and also did criminal stuff which has been prooven.
If you follow Twitter conversations closely you will only find the same people doing the same blind things every day and week whilst blindly retweeting what the Account of wikileaks does.

The latest Revelations about Afghanistan, just has shown where wikileaks is driven now.

There was no single proof from wikileaks, no documents, nothing that this may be right. 100s retweeted, what was just said into the web.

How to trust wikileaks anymore if just one person is the one that decides what to do and what not?
How can people like Manning and Snowden feel safe if only one person decides what has to go public.

ignoring every warning, even glenn greenwald´s just for transparency?

How far to go for Full Transparency?
What if people gonna die in Afghanistan because of that tweet made out of the ideological mind of Julian Assange?

What does this tweet say about WikiLeaks the Organization and what is left of the main idea?

wikileaks has become a instrument for a person that is stuck in a evil world without daylight, full of hate tweets against the western world, no matter what it costs.
wikileaks; what it is now has become instrumentalized by One Head, is nothing more than a ideological train of one person followed by some people sharing blindly everything what they say.


What we see now is not wikileaks.
What the people want is not a one man single mainstream anti-usa-western-allie-show whilst in china people die and no one leaks it.

wikileaks is much more and in the moment it is just stuck by some single persons, chained and missused by those who missuse their power like those
they wanted to fight a time ago.

but this is not finished yet, not now. wikileaks is still out there waiting for us.
The 99%, the people of the world, that want to see it free again, not owned by a single person, maybe not named like it is now but..

..there is still Hope.

Assange fears the Pigeon.