Author Topic: Wikileaks Party Secretary Matt Watt boasting about forced ( "induced" ) sex  (Read 4053 times)

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What does it take to be Wikileaks party secretary these days. Let's forget for a moment that the Wikileaks party got just 0,1 % of the votes as the last election and let us also forget that Assange paid a Wikileaks party delegation to fly and visit butcher Assange in Damascus last year.

Let us concentrate for a minute on the Wikileaks Party secretary Matt Watt

Here he is strutting his stuff. No one is listening to him, probably because he isn't making much sense. Just a lot of garbled yapping about nothing.....oh don't forget the plastic mask on his head for a touch or realism ;-)

and here is is again boasting about forcing sex ontosleeping men and women

What a kind person, following in the footsteps of Assange.

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Just found this on the interwebz

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no surprise people connected to Assange like rape...
Assange fears the Pigeon.

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I think that guy must get too intoxicated while tweeting.
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