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Title: A truth to be said... replay your lives from where it should stand
Post by: magnitudescreator on November 06, 2014, 22:15:07 PM
while you have ability to answer immediate answer to any attacker, they too do not move… but this is not no movie, you should know how to take the real codes of action from movies, books and internet by the subliminar messages… i think that they think they are well protected i don’t know why, it seems that they have the backs heated up, it seems that the game is global and they have permission to do that and it seems that they are being able to do research about mind control, and its from there that comes so much confidence… we have to take it out, and that is from the Internet… if they take out that they control the communication ways and media from the normal people, because we don’t have the money to travel to be diplomats and pacifiers and to be able to share the message… we have to fight e give resistance… we can see too that that 1% are too a lot of illusionists and see too much tv, they think that life is some kind of game but it can be done as a game, but remember that yet there are no games that include the whole existence, because its not for regular people… therefore create defences to the infinite and beyond neither if they are 30thousand years to that to happen… sometimes its better to be prepared than been waiting that the surprise (good or evil) arrive to us… be always prepared to answer them… and i think that what they are doing is to confuse people to them not to have hypotheses in answer back because as they control the science of mind control they influence people to think that they do not have scientists in their side (all of them) and they block their IQ, so they control where the common consciousness flows, they only open the minds to those that participate in their greedy game… you can see that in the big corporations, they offer their backs for money, power and good appearance… and that’s why those startups from around 2000’s were given money to evolute their idea because they already knew they would take advantage from that… doesn’t seem strange that the so viewable best corporations where given money in the first year and they are against the people and sodomizing the backs of those 1% faggets… an this in an astral mode to see the thing… by astral that means beyond the day-to-day reality and controlled by mind control… what i’m seeing is only traps and wheels to the mice… they basically can switch the signature of a energy of yours for another in the brain and you never will believe that you were ever correct… be careful, because too those people can measure the advantage that they have in comparison to others, even others living beings systems then it could lead to forms of life… good luck