Author Topic: FBI wants to hack computers globally, seeks search warrant expansion - with kick  (Read 1585 times)

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And they do nothing until you have always imediate answer.

i just read that the FBI wants to hack computers globally, i don't know but i think they are thirsty of mining data and research, what about patents and intelectual property? what happens to that... businesses start from single persons with ideas and dreams... there is no point of robbing bright futures and if they want that why people don't join and attack them back in reverse order and do the same thing that they are trying to do to us... sons of grmmmph!s and grmmmph!s... they should be raped all the time... if they can do that, who can't.... let's play orders of magnitude instead.... i play, and i know i'm better than you because i haz modified the shark teeths of your buttz