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"PRESS RELEASE: Manuela Lavinas Picq’s return to Brazil
« on: August 21, 2015, 23:34:03 PM »
 Manuela Lavinas Picq’s
 return to Brazil
 In order to guarantee her safety, physical well-being, continue her research and to avoid new human rights violations and violence, Manuela Lavinas Picq is returning to Brazil, this Saturday August 22 at 6:30 am on Avianca flight number
 261 via Bogota.
 As widely reported in the Brazilian and international press this past week, Manuela Lavinas Picq—scholar and journalist—professor of International Relations at the University of San Francisco Quito, has had her constitutional rights violated several times in Ecuador, where she has lived for the past eight years. On August 13 at the end of a peaceful protest in Quito, she was severely beaten, jailed, and her visa cancelled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for marching next to her partner Carlos Guartambél, the president of ECUARUNARI-the Kichwa Confederation of Ecuador. Her visa was cancelled without judicial or legal grounds. As a result of her visa being cancelled, she became an illegal immigrant in the country.
 Per her illegal status, she was jailed and detained for four days in the Custody Center for Immigrants. Manuela facing deportation, was tried in a court of law. The judge determined that there was no justification for cancelling the visa of a person that worked as full-time professor for the University with a permanent address and home. The judge struck down the deportation order, ordered her visa be reinstated, and called for an investigation of the office/persons that ordered the arbitrary deportation sentence, which is in violation of the rule of law in a democratic country.
 Manuela was set free the same day Monday August 17, and was waiting for her visa to be reinstated. However, Manuela’s visa was not reinstated and the Ministry of the Interior chose not to follow the judge’s ruling. Hence contrary to the judicial ruling, Manuela’s status remained illegal. After waiting for three days, Manuela’s lawyers submitted an order of protection—due to her immigration status being in limbo—to the judicial branch to guarantee Manuela’s freedom and to ensure no further violation of her rights by the executive branch. On Thursday, August 20, the Judicial Branch of Ecuador denied providing her the order of protection. The Correa Administration maintains discretionary power to issue, nullify, or cancel visas without explanation, which is in fact unconstitutional in Ecuador since that country’s constitution maintains that any legal or administrative decision must be duly substantiated, under penalty of nullity, just as in Brazil. The government’s treatment of Manuela— detainment, abitrary illegal statuts, the violation of her civil and human rights—is an act of government repression and political persecution because she is the partner of Carlos Guartambél, and because she documents the abuses of the authoritarian administration of Rafael Correa in her books, academic publications, and in her op-ed pieces.
 For more information contact Lena Lavinas: (5521) 999945335 or email [email protected]