Author Topic: Free #HtinLinOo and Save #Rohingya from #Genocidal #Persecution of #Myanmar  (Read 2185 times)

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 15th May 2015 from TwitLonger

Free #HtinLinOo and Save #Rohingya from #Genocidal #Persecution of #Myanmar #Regime

Humanity has found true peace and happiness in religion, whoever follows true religion has high values as chastity, patriotism, and love of humanity. Nothing in true religion is contrary to sound thinking, common sense, and knowledge. We applaud every good deed and attempt made in the name of the nation, and stand behind the fortunate people who serve it.

Everything in the universe happens as planned process, symptom can show us only disease not the cause, detail diagnose is essential to find the root cause. Myanmar opened the door of investments and assistances and shut down all doors including democracy, human right, freedom of worship and totalitarianism dominates the legislature. Since 1988, military leaders of Burma have been using Buddhism to maintain their power systematically and very effectively.

Majority Buddhists in Burma are simple, kind and honest but regime poisoned Buddhists through Dhammaryun which were built by junta on purpose after 1988 democracy revolution. USDP party of Thein Sein appointed Sitagu and Wirathu to formed 969 terrorist groups, when the World community complained about 969, they changed its name but actions continues.

In Arakan, regime has been conducting slow burning genocide using NaSaKa, when the World leaders complained, they changed only name, genocidal persecution continues that causes 1000s of Rohingyas' fleeing. Some politicians applaud Thein Sein government's delusive reform that strengthens regime's power. Every bright thing on Earth reflect the Sun's light and proves existence of the Sun. Similarly, tears of Rohingya, boat people, persecution, arbitrary arrest, deprive of basic human rights including education and healthcare, and denial of Rohingya's existence reflect Rohingya Genocide continues in Myanmar by the regime.

Blind politicians! Come to your senses and uncover veil from your eyes and consciousness. How can you call it reform when regime changed none of its policy? Regime's inhumane law and policies cannot be called reform. There are 1000s of evidence that proved Rohingya Genocide and all violence occurred in Myanmar are State preplanned projects. Regime controlled every field very effectively: media, hate-speech, diplomacy, monks, banks, resources, business and lobby with help of China which has been stealing resources of Burma.

100s of good Buddhists had proved that all violence occurred in Myanmar since 2012 are preplanned actions of Thein Sein government with the help of selfish China.

My honorable true Buddhist, Htin Lin Oo explained some points in the essence of Buddhism and 969 terrorist government of Thein Sein arrested him. What crime has he done? He just said “Buddha is not Burmese, not Shan, not Karen—so if you want to be an extreme nationalist and if you love to maintain your race that much, don’t believe in Buddhism,”

An honorable Buddhist monk challenged in this short video clip that all violence in Myanmar were conducted by 969 cruel Buddhists and MaBaTha:

The main reason of ruining Buddhism neither Christians nor Muslims: it is because of cruel people and bad monks. Cruel Buddhists are responsible defaming Buddhism, those people ruined Buddhism, understand? Is it clear? If you want to spread Buddhism, do it correctly, don't ruin own religion. You can improve religion, do it but don't ruin it. In Burma, cruel monks and cruel people are ruining Buddhism. Understand, is it clear? Do we have such kind of contradiction and sectarians in the history of Burma and our religion? No, there was no such sectarians. Now, some monks don't do their jobs, involve in politics, claim protectors of religion, and pretend nationalists, this and that. That's the reason monks disintegrated into sects in Burma. In reality, if we follow Gautama, there will be no such sectarians. With the formation of 969 groups or MaBaTha, monks divided into groups. Is it clear?

Dear listeners! Whatever violence happened in Burma occurred after the formation of those groups: 969 and MaBaTha. Is it clear, do you understand? If someone asks who said that, tell me it's me.

Who are behind the all #violence occurred in #Myanmar since 2012? #Reform or #Regime,

 In this video clip, Sitagu, the prominent Buddhist monk proved himself that military criminals appointed him to spread terrorism. I translated some of his ideas.

Bangladesh was a Buddhist country before, during Ramamala Kingdom. Turkish Muslims conquered it and changed them.
All international organizations have been robbing resources of Myanmar in the name of human right, this right, that right. etc…

Kalars from Bangladesh got nothing. International organizations got every kind of benefits.
One thing is very critical. That’s called “OIC”, 57 members of Islamic countries.
Myanmar military and police controlled all violence in Myanmar but they blamed government that they didn't protect them.
Do you know what they will claim as a next step, they can demand UN security forces here?
At that time, country will be under their control, what you can do?
For a solution, if UN holds vote Buddhists' side there is only one vote. And they have…
UN can harm security of our country.

Sitagu is head of 969 terrorists in Myanmar, there are 100s of monks who follow Sitagu and have been spreading hatred as directed by military criminals. Listen one of the 969 monk preaching Buddhism: , I translated only 2-3 sentences from it.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's party demanded to amend 1982 citizenship law and to make all illegal Bengali citizenship of Burma.
If Bengali became citizens of Burma, then, with the help of OIC, they will break all Buddhists' head using the money provided by OIC and Buddhism will disappear in Myanmar.
Amending 1982 citizenship law means elimination Buddhism and Buddhists.
The person who has relationship with a foreigner should not be a President. Therefore, we should not amend 1982 law and 2008 constitution. If we do so, we will lose our country and religion.

Military leaders' 969 terrorist group which was given a new name MaBaTha led by Sitagu and Wirathu accused UN, OIC, US and all those countries which oppose Rohingya persecution and human right violation in Burma. Is it not enough to bring those criminals to ICC?