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True legacy of Russia
« on: July 29, 2011, 14:07:12 PM »
Kremlin has always been center of power that rules Russia. It has witnessed revolutionary times in the history of this nation. Many political twist and shuffle- reshuffle of Presidents.
Kremlin is standing with blood and anger of people who suffered from policies made by rulers inside same walls. The beautiful paintings and golden frames recall the time of aristocratic life of Tsar.
There are many stories related to the legacy of Tsar and even about the priceless assets of royals. One of them is about an entire room made up of amber which had been taken away by Nazis at the time of ww2. Nobody knows how they done it but they took entire room without hurting its beauty.
Similarly with the royal assets and jewelry which is now in London. Royal family put lot of money in London banks and to safeguard their jewels they gave it to royal family of London, since Tsar were blood relatives with them. Unfortunately these treasures never came back to Russia.
People of Russia have a great legacy of art and culture, philosophers and reformers but in the time they have been only recall Kremlin and Red square. They celebrate war and the true philosophy of Russia almost forgotten.
There are many who know Tolstoy and Chekov but never any dare to imply them. When people were fascinated by Lenin and they are still, many rulers mislead and misused this fascination. Inside the great wall of kremlin they forgot the simple principle of peace. In the name of insecurity and uniqueness they overlook the diversity of Russia itself. Which lead to a great nation, demographically and socially became an empire even after revolution.
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Re: True legacy of Russia
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2011, 20:02:33 PM »
The Amber Room was not in the Kremlin, and in Petersburg since 1717. Moscow and Russia  are mother country and a colony, not uniform empire.