Author Topic: LulzSec supersnitch led attacks on UK, Australia – report  (Read 2607 times)

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LulzSec supersnitch led attacks on UK, Australia – report
« on: October 02, 2014, 13:17:40 PM »
LulzSec supersnitch led attacks on UK, Australia – report

Sabu helped Feds target 30 countries, documents reveal

By John Leyden2 Oct 2014 

Hacktivist kingpin turned FBI snitch Hector Xavier "Sabu" Monsegur orchestrated attacks against 30 countries, including systems in the UK and Australia, according to a report that joins the dots between sealed court docs and leaked IRC chat logs.

According to the court documents, Monsegur persuaded other hacktivists – among them the recently jailed Jeremy Hammond – with ties to the LulzSec group or the Antisec cause to break into systems at the behest of Feds.

This much has already been reported, but a cache of leaked IRC chat logs and other documents obtained by Daily Dot reveals the 30 countries hit up during the attacks.
A redacted sentencing memorandum from Hammond’s legal team was published by whistle-blowing website Cryptome back in April. Leaked IRC chat logs allowed Daily Dot reporters to fill in the blanks and name the countries involved.

According to the report, LulzSec hackers were encouraged to deface government websites and steal confidential information from servers in Turkey and Brazil, among other locations. The snaffled data was then apparently uploaded to a server controlled by the FBI.

Databases containing the login credentials, financial details, and private emails of foreign citizens, and in some cases government agents, were exfiltrated by hackers tasked by Monsegur to do as much damage as possible. After they stole the data, it was routinely uploaded, at Monsegur’s instruction, to a server under the FBI’s control, according to court statements.

The names of the countries involved in these attacks remain redacted by order of Judge Loretta A Preska, who jailed Hammond last November. Hammond is serving a 10-year sentence after pleading guilty to a high-profile hack against private intelligence outfit Stratfor and attacks inside the United States.

Monsegur, who played a key role in Hammond's arrest, received a year on probation. ®