Author Topic: Noam Chomsky On Occupy Wall Street's Anniversary & the Upcoming Election  (Read 1067 times)

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Noam Chomsky On Occupy Wall Street's Anniversary and the Upcoming Election
Wednesday, 03 October 2012 13:02
By Matthew Filipowicz, The Matthew Filipowicz Show | Interview

Coming up on the Matthew Filipowicz show, Professor Noam Chomsky here to discuss Occupy Wall Street's one year anniversary and how progressives and activists should approach the 2012 election.
We'll also discuss Rahm Emanuel's City Council Floor Leader threatening to take away Chicago Teachers' right to strike, President Obama opening 38 million more acres of the Gulf coast for off-shore drilling, and Tar Sands Blockade activists climbing and occupying 80 foot tall trees to block the Keystone XL Pipeline.

the link:
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