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Occupy by Jonathan Toth from Hoth
« on: December 09, 2012, 14:15:48 PM »

In 2011, Egyptians in Cairo took over Tahrir Square and held it until the masses swelled to over a million.
The government was overthrown, setting a precedent known as 'Arab Spring'.
Tunisia and Libya were likewise liberated with this new form of revolution spreading across the world:


Is it apocalypse? Yeah right. A
'lifting of the veil' that might
change the way the masses have rights, the
'powers that be' see it, as spite.

The ninety-nine percent, can fight, the
other one percent, has might, in
media, tv, and type, and
laws they rearrange, and write.

But we've been getting hip, to that reich, and
banksters that equip, bad guys, when
politicians gift, that side, it's
time to cut adrift, of that ride.

Persecute the rich, that bite,
more than they can chew, and slice,
more than few have paid, that price, you
can't kill an idea, that's right.


Occupy your town, right there,
voice your freedom of speech, fight fair, a
lot of politicians, might swear, they're
'doing the right thing,' like YEAH!?!

'I have a dream,' right here, with
Martin Luther King-like flair,
what's the point of saying, your kind cares, when
all you're doing is making, our nightmares?

Julian Assange, my man,
transparent government, nice plan,
Revolution Truth, my fam,
Anonymous, the youth, the right stand,

President Obama, might have, the
hope and change we wanted, last year, the
time to act is now, with our peers, no
need to fight the Right, just our fears.
Transparency is the Apocalypse