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"*!Warning!* to anybody who owns a computer "
« on: March 09, 2015, 19:57:59 PM »
received via Facebook PM

9 March 04:29

" *!Warning!* to anybody who owns a computer is your rights are being violated in the most insidious way. Virus detection software and App Support software are violating human rights to choice. Your favourite freeware programs and right’s may be being deleted as this post goes out.

In the most used and popular programs are now not just tracking your net activities but now without your consent uninstalling and deleting software that may be in competition with them or they are getting kickbacks to violate you. Programmes like Java, Threndmicro and Norton 360 are now being payed to track and delete “freeware” that is in competition with their “Pay for Ware”.

They are getting paid to delete “freeware” from your computer under the labelled “Trojans” or with no notice at all. If you do receive a notice it will say “the Trojan ‘Open Office’ is damaging to your computer and it has been removed” or “download, Microsoft Office is safe” where there is no difference other than the fact you have to paid for Microsoft Office.

I have received notifications of deletion of EXE's like “Jet audio.exe is unsafe and has been removed” you may ask what use Jet audio a free audio player in competition with Microsoft media player and iTunes. So I shouldn't have to explain how bigger a violation of your rights and trust and power this truly is.

Could you possibly imagine what life would be like if they had blocked access to Lynx and Firefox in the same way? Large companies such as You Tube that are making money off of freely given content and tutorials without paying most of the authors because it was given freely (which is truly against law in most countries).

They are now paying companies like Norton 360 and Trend Micro to delete any freeware that you may have on your computer to retrieve your property our say the later of “free for view video” such as “YouTube downloader” and others from your computer without your consent. New Java updates are now designed to track and find new freeware and customer details to sell to interested parties.

Other companies such as Google and other search engines are now using that information to sanction new sites that may offer free alternatives that may threaten money thieving ventures that rely on a monopoly for price fixing to rob you of choice. According to ITunes and YouTube believes that you should be robed of any way to obtain samples of things that were freely given and that they have no ownership of.

And have paid virus software providers like Norton to automatically uninstall programs that may give you access a 60 year old copy of Mozart or that nice guy who put out a free tutorial on how to build a dog house. You need to share this post urgently, in any form, every forum and format for today it is kickbacks to rob you of your right to use freeware, for today it is ‘YouTube downloader’, ‘tomorrow it is the Lynx’. "