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Hello "Forumland" ...

It's not news that I've been member of this forum since long time and I'm still here, now using a normal member account. Despite what many would say, I have nothing to hide: I'm "isa/isis" just using this account now, to post as usual and I support this forum as press freedom platform as usual.

So, ok, I think almost everybody here has noticed this post about cabledrummer's stalking actions:
Anatomy of a Forum Stalker - The Story of Leon Becker aka @cabledrummer

He recently added to his (very silly) page "Who is Who" photos, personal data and facebook links of forum members/ex staffers/staffers etc. pretending this whole forum would be a sort of anti-WikiLeaks site, while here, instead, whatever person can potentially post every opinion on WL or other themes.
So his page is basically created to shed negative light on the Forum staffers or supporters.

Stating that I personally disagree with publishing any source reporting his own data as a reply to his "incredible" actions, because I find this paparazzi-fight very silly and I don't want to act on his same stupid level even if the sources are public, this is the story of how my photos and information went public.


Before being registered on this forum I registered on facebook.
I actually learned about the existence of the forum because I read it posted on the WikiLeaks facebook page.

On facebook (where I was registered with my real name and photos) I had an invite to join a socialnetwork badoo.
A few years ago I recived a fcebook invitation to badoo: it asked to have access to my fb data and I agreed, thinking that, like in the other applications' cases, badoo was just going to read my data and connect me to other persons registered on the site.
What happened: I started reciving many (disturbing) messages from badoo's people that were just looking for a girlfriend! I after realized it was not just a site to meet "friends" but mainly a site to meet ... "boyfriends", "girlfriends", not to mention potentially abusive persons just looking for stories of sex!
The requests were sent to my facebook and, as I'm absolutely not interested in such kind of internet connections and I felt my internet space litterally "invaded", I immediately revoked any permisssion to badoo to access my facebook data and I closed whatever connection with it.

 Notice well: I NEVER opened any profile on Badoo's site.
I was Only registred on facebook.

All the disturbing messages from persons coming from badoo ceased and badoo stopped reading my data BUT ...

... there is a "BUT" ...

I months after closing the badoo-facebook connection noticed, by googling my own name on the web, that a profile had been automatically created on badoo, WITHOUT my permission, publishing my Name, Lastname, age, photos stolen from facebook and approximate location , all of this WITHOUT I have ever had access to that profile!

Simply absurd.

Add that badoo is a site full of persons just looking for "easy stories", I have found it makes me even look like an "easy woman" even if I never used that site/profile!

This happened nearly 3 years ago.
I at the moment simply ignored the thing because I didn't have many internet activities and I didn't know how to close that fake badoo account.
I had almost forgotten it.

When in 2012 this Forum had problems with the before mentioned person cabledrummer, and he started a defamation-campaign against the Forum's staffers (I became admin in 2012), he created this infamous page called "Who is Who" mentioning all the possible data on Forum's staffers.
The mentioned data include: Name, Lastname, facebook links, twitter accounts, etc. and some phrases told by us on twitter, picked up out of context associated to the data.
His "Who is who" page isn't even accurate and consists in a sort of puzzle of peces picked up here and there.
So even in case one of the staffers desires to remain private, to have their facebook or twitter private, cabledrummer searches from what he mentions as "public sources", their data and publishes them on his page.

The last thing added by cabledrummer are the photos of the mentioned persons, including myself.

Nobody has ever authorized him to use our data!

He pretends to have picked up the information from public sources.

In my case according to Cabledrummer it would be ok to publish my data because "my forum" (It has Never been "My Forum"!) has spread other already public data on himself as a reply to his actions.

The last update is my own photo:

Updated: Who is who at @wikileaks_forum … #WikiLeaks

I asked him to remove it explaining that is not actually a "public data" published by myself:

This is the justification he gives to his decision of posting my photo and facebook link: Because I am part of the Forum and I "dared" to criticize WikiLeaks he feels himself authorized to post my own data in public without consense:

So according to himself, person with a site endorsed by WikiLeaks, whoever spreads "misinformation" (=information with a different prospective than WikiLeaks itself) on WL or is staffer of this Forum, "deserves" to be doxed like that.

He pretends to have found my image posted by "myself" on a "public source":

@EPJas2 @JerriBarney @greekemmy We have found your photo on a public source. You have published it yourself

... Well my dear @Cabledrummer, I NEVER posted that information myself on badoo, I'm victim of badoo's severe privacy violations and I NEVER had access to that badoo's profile opened with my photo and my name.

Mr Cabledrummer has used my stolen badoo's data despite I several times asked him to remove my photos from his site.

I'm actually struggling to have the fake badoo-profile removed and I hope I can find a way to contact that site and declare that account is NOT mine, not authorized, I don't have any access to it and I never had even using the old facebook's email...

By the way facebook...

Nearly 9 months ago, worried for several facebook problems as my old account had been used for activism and had too many contacts, I decided to close it, to get all the photos, the data removed from the web.
I closed the old facebook also worried that cabledrummer could have used the data for his page, and I closed it because with too many contacts I was having problems with "too addicted persons".
I thought that way my fake non-authorized badoo profile was going to be removed too, as it had been created by accessing to my facebook profile.

... Well the old Facebook was gone with all the images BUT badoo's fake profile was still there!
And I have/had no way to access it, not even with the old fb email, to close it.

The data Cabledrummer has posted had been picked up from badoo and/or my old facebooks.

Mr Cabledrummer should read that I'm victim of this:

Badoo was founded by the Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev and launched in London in November 2006.[8] In January 2008, the Russian investor Finam Capital paid US$30 million for a 10% stake in Badoo for expansion in Russia.[9] As of 2009, Finam now has 20% ownership of Badoo.[8] In September 2009, Blendr, "powered by" Badoo, appeared in the iTunes app store.[citation needed]

In April 2011 Badoo was threatened by Facebook with an audit and potential removal if it didn't make its Facebook app less viral.[10] According to, during the week of January 11, Badoo was ranked 17th in growing Facebook apps.[11] The official Badoo USA launch was on March 23, 2012 with Nick Cannon introducing the service in the US.[12] In April 2012, the company entered into a marketing agreement with the site Hot or Not to display its members in the companies service.[13] It is unclear if that led to Hot or Not profiles becoming Badoo profiles, and if original Hot or Not contributors had given consent for their images to be resold.

In May 2012, the company claimed in a press release it had exceeded 150 million registered users.[3]

Finnish newspaper Iltalehti reported that numerous Badoo profiles have been created without people's consent, and that people have reported Badoo's actions to the police.[22] In a peer-reviewed study[23] conducted and published by Cambridge University in 2009, it was given the lowest score for privacy among 45 social networking sites examined.[24]

So Mr Cabledrummer not only has used my data and my Forum-friends' data without asing if they could be shared on his site, but despite he has been asked to remove them, but he keeps ignoring the problems behind them becoming public.

Cabledrummer and "WikiLeaks" (Assange is known to be running @wikileaks twitter) that endorses him would better talking less about NSA spying on citiziens or Facebook's violations of the privacy (Badoo in this case), as they profit of this absence of respect coming from the net to try to intimidate those who criticize them.

... To end up this bad "Pink-Bunny Romance" I have to add that he also published a link to my New facebook account, that I created under another name to avoid stalkers and communicate only with some friends.

Notice well: my new facebook account is NOT public!
Indeed I created it under another name for my privacy, as facebook is more "invasive" than twitter.
I think this applies to other forum supporters/staffers.
Cabledrummer pretending our data are so public deliberately ignore that we could want them "less public".

I have no idea how he had my new facebook's account: I hope to discover it (may be digging for info on facebook using second accounts and moles?).

Cabledrummer wants to play God's role on the others by deciding who according to himself & his cooperators eg. @greekemmy (or even Assange?) deserves to be doxed. But he/they does/do this completely ignoring the other's rights and without any bit of respect for the other's rights.

I have nothing to hide and in several cases I use my own name (for example here I decide to share data to spread my bad experience), but I have also asked to get my photo removed from his site, and it's up to me and Nobodyelse deciding IF, When and HOW to associate my name to the internet socials and accounts I have created.

I think other persons of this forum had even worst experiences than mine.

This one may be helpful both to share information on how socials like badoo may abuse your data by creating "your" profile without consense, and how presumed "transparency and wikileaks"'supporters are actually collecting data and/or doxing people they just consider uncomfortable.

PS. on why I "dare" to criticize WikiLeaks: I just read a cable mentioning the full Name and Lastname of an Italian diplomat at risk, WL is at the moment just supporting Putin on twitter while there is a risk Russia attempts to invade Ukraine... WL often just tweets against Sweden or UK because Assange is angry with these countries ... Everybody has the Right of Seeing what is happening and may be biased/partial inside WikiLeaks too; freedom of press is a right appliable to comment on WikiLeaks too, of course.

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I am sorry to read this! After spending almost three weeks i China without Facebook and Twitter, which are forbidden, I discovered that Facebook is more nice than I thougt. I wanted to send a comment and a picture to my friends. But no. Couldn´t reach either, but Wikileaks forum!
It is sad to see people misuse Facebook as you describe!

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Cabledrummer is never going to get over that he was asked by the forum to take down a post from a known terrorist organization. His reaction to being asked was to then conspire to take down the forum ever since, through many failed tries. 

  He is convinced that this forum was a place to worship and promote Assange. WikiLeaks was not about worshiping and promoting Assange. People come to this forum as an alternative source of information, to get away from non commercial biased sources of information.
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" Anais Nin .. and yet we must arm ourselves with fear

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@Signhilde @Riney thanks for solidarity.

About facebook, the main problem I have reported here has been with badoo+applicated to fb.
I've read that facebook officially complained with badoo for making its applications too viral and, as you can see, badoo is "guilty" of having published my data without any consense.
I indeed have only allowed badoo reading my fb data when giving it access, but I never gave it any "ok" to create a fake profile with my photo on their site.

Now it has caused me problems as Cable' has decided to post my photo on his site via badoo, I asked to have the false profile removed.

Yes indeed there are places where socials are censored.
@Signhilde thanks for reporting about China: yes indeed, there everything that may even a bit create connection for disagreement tends to be censored.
I'm indeed surprised this forum is allowed... Strange because it grants freedom of expression too... may be things are starting to change in China too.
It's really quite upsetting some guys don't make a good use of the freedoms they have.

I've been using the other fb for activism, to share ideas with people, to know persons of even opposite ideas than mine ... By the way, lol, I had less problems communicating with Muslim Brothers' supporters being myself a "heretic secularist", than communicating with some WikiLeaks' "supporters", despite some obvious querrels... 

After, well, on the web there are many great persons but also some too sticky people and so I decided to keep fb more private and I create another connected only with near friends or cooperators ... and I meant it to be PRIVATE (sorry for the caps but here they rise spontaneously!), not just to hide myself but... for several problems of privacy (also connected to local problems).

This is Cyber Reports board, so I think we can discuss also the bad use some guys can do of fb:
- to stalk;
- to use your location data to rob in the houses when you aren't home (in Italy it several times happened);
- to send spam via personal fb messages;
- to import your photos on 3rd sites as badoo did in my case...

The things are many.

Cabledrummer had no right of posting any link to any facebook or second identity of any member of the Forum simply because it's up to us how to use names and social networks.
May be myself and others have changed names and identities because we were tired, bothered of pms, spam, or we just needed a moment of pause from the confusion of the web anyway running our activities.
One can run also professional pages on fb... hobbies... Who is Cabledrummer to "play God" thinking he is allowed to share whatever data on whatever person in the full ignorance of the situations and without asking?

Riney yes, Cabledrummer has a serious problem of frustration with this forum that he wants to be took down since he was banned for several times overstressing all the staffers to post not allowed stuff (legally forbidden), being rude to admins and staffers and, instead of clearing, creating posts on his site denigrating the forum.
He started this months before the Forum criticized the publication of the SyriaFiles, so this has nothing to do with the disagreements Forum-WikiLeaks.
He used the WL disagreement to increase his fight against the forum and WL uses his anger to troll the forum: a symbiosis of trolls!
And you're right: this is a forum, not a propaganda site: one can post the beliefs they have without oppression or fear of being excluded for thinking different.
The few guys that are banned are in such conditions for having violated the guidelines or for having attempted in every way to create problems to forum staffers or members.

... the funniest thing is that Cabledrummer (& Co.) has a site that he could daily fill of WL supportive posts, and instead he wastes time in searching for data on 4-5 people... Lol?

I'm not angry with him, I'm posting because at this point one has to speak out: ... once @wikileaks posted that the power of the oppressor depends on the mentality of the oppressed... Yes I agree. So a kind of reply is needed, or Mr Cabledrummer feels ok with posting other's data without consense all the time. He is not.

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"... the funniest thing is that Cabledrummer (& Co.) has a site that he could daily fill of WL supportive posts, and instead he wastes time in searching for data on 4-5 people... Lol?"

     I agree, that is laughable. If you look at the activity that him and other fanatical fans of Assange do, you find the great majority of their time is focused on attacking people that do not worship him like they do. They spend very little time, if any to put WikiLeaks/Assange into a more positive light. If anything, they bring the image of Assange down in this world as much as anyone that speaks out against him. 

      When they start attacking people in a public way, guess what happens, people start venting all the negative things they feel towards Assange and making that more public. This is all negative stuff about Assange that would not have been voiced publicly if fanatical fans would not have gone out and provoked people. It truly is a self defeating behavior.
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" Anais Nin .. and yet we must arm ourselves with fear